DarkSiders: Wrath of War First look at THQ's God Of War style action game

1UP: "From a brand new THQ studio comes this God of War-style action-adventure game where you play as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The basic idea is that demons have essentially kidnapped the other horsemen and you have to take revenge in order to get them back. Don't worry, it's actually a lot cooler than it sounds on the surface: War, your character, is from an ancient race created before angels and humans that's essentially considered slaves to the angels. Because of this, you're somewhat in between heaven and hell in terms of your allegiance and that comes into play heavily in the storyline. "

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MK_Red3876d ago

I dont know why they (1UP) dont like the name. I find it quite cool and gothic. Darksider, one of the best newly announced games of E3 IMO.

ElementX3876d ago

Jesus, another "____ of War" game? Come on! Come up with something original.


This looks like it might be good to,

Don't write it off just yet.

I always wait for the reviews, unless I've played a demo for myself

THE_JUDGE3875d ago

has some potentional, I want to see what the game play is like. GOW is one of kind though. Great story and action, a pleasure to play. That sets the bar pretty high for others.

Komrad3875d ago

The story line sounds awesome. Wasn't there a four horseman game that got canceled a while back?