PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe coming to PSP for just $9.99 next week, plus discount for PS3 version on the cards

During March Q-Games announced that PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for the PSP would be available on UMD on the 27th of April. However, Sony has since revealed that the game will be coming in at a much lower price point than previously stated.

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lephunk3156d ago

i'll will end up buying it again on UMD... the collector inside me isn't happy with just a DL version..

FragGen3156d ago

The guy that runs this company is an a**. Will not buy. There's enough other cool stuff for PSP that I don't have to give him $$$.

kasasensei3156d ago

Best tower defense game since ages.

Chubear3156d ago

Just release PJM 2 already!!!!! Dayum!

SuperStrokey11233156d ago

Ive been waiting for this sale for a while, thank god!

Chubear3156d ago

Still think PJM should incorporate features of the Play, Create, Share genre. Have our SP but also have rated, created online challenges made by the community.