Deus Ex GOTY Edition and Invisible War 75% Off on Steam

Steam has slashed 75% off of Ion Storm's Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition and Deus Ex: Invisible War, offering each title for just $2.50.

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Games4M - Rob3157d ago

Deus EX is still one of my favourite games of all time. Nothing else even comes close to the oppressive cyberpunk atmosphere and storyline - absolute masterpiece.

The sequel sucked ass though.

Aphe3157d ago

I agree, Deus Ex was great. The second one was dumbed down for the consoles, which is a shame. Hopefully the third one will be better.

RedSky3157d ago

DE2 didn't suck, but it was a step down from DE1 which is what stung. It still had a more complex storyline and better FPS RPG mechanics than most games out there at the time, certainly was still worth playing through.

Chris_TC3157d ago

Awesome, been wanting to play Deus Ex for a long time now since everybody says it's so good.

ian723157d ago

The original Deus Ex is my favourite game ever. I have played it many times and loved every minute. It has a brilliant story and great gameplay. The graphics are alright for the time the game was made but not great now. At $2.50 its a bargain, easy worth it. You can get extra game content from the net if you look around, not that you need it as the game is plenty long enough.
I am hoping the new Deus Ex is going to be great.