Konami sends mysterious E3 poem

This is certainly one of the strangest E3 appointment reminders we've received. Konami's media briefing begins at 5:45PM PST, and Konami has sent a cryptic poem, hinting at a major, unexpected announcement:

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BubblesDAVERAGE3972d ago

They said something you wernt expecting my guess is a new games..maybe finally ZoE 3..if mgs jumps i will be surprised...

Ggame3972d ago

"MGS4 gose to X360" is expected. So may be NOT this announcement.

T-Virus3972d ago

Last time Konami said they'll rock the world it ended up being DDR.

fjtorres3972d ago

"We don't care that we're going to lose our shirts, MGS4 will stay on PS3 only. Oh, and we're filling for chapter 11 tomorrow." ;-)

[email protected]3972d ago

It's on the air... Like an smell...

Silent Hill. It's my bet.

Coffin873972d ago

OMG yeah this is the game i'm hoping for at this e3........

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The story is too old to be commented.