Format backers launch Blu-ray Web site

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment are backing a new Web site aimed at steering high-definition consumers toward Blu-ray Disc.

Objectively dubbed Hollywood in Hi-Def, the site is nonetheless a Blu-ray promotional vehicle, edited by Scott Hettrick, former editor-in-chief of Video Business magazine. Hettrick will write a blog, interview filmmakers such as Jerry Bruckheimer about the format and aggregate news and reviews on high-def from around the Web.

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cdzie13937d ago

Wow, launching a website to promote Blu-ray. There are hundreds of website that promote Blu-ray and there are hundreds of sites that promote HD DVD.

Does this site also contain a link were people who bought a Blu-ray player before November 07 can return their obsolete player, because it’s not up to spec and not upgradeable. You can’t add a Ethernet port with a firmware update!

ITR3936d ago

It's not helping it sell in our store.

We sell very few BD players over HD players.

But then again we gave away HD players a few weeks ago for buying a flat panel's.

kewlkat0073936d ago, anyhow yes plenty of sites out there.

Since DISNEY just made a deal with the Devil by supporting MS on DLC, do they know something that we dont?

ArduousAndy3936d ago

chances are they are just testing the waters and going Download.

And today marks me loosing my first bubble can someone explain what that means?