E3 2007: Metroid Prime 3 Details

Nintendo showed off Metroid Prime 3: Corruption at its E3 2007 briefing. The game looked to be a true killer app for Wii, with beautiful graphics and very simple gameplay.

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MyNutsYourChin4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

I think this game will definately deliver, not only to the serious Metroid fan but also to the open-minded classic FPS gamer.

...and if the control scheme is anything like they say it is (innovative and revolutionary) then this game is going to have some outstanding sales and may even slightly increase the ever growing demand for the Wii console.

ShadoWulf4027d ago

I can't wait! This game looks absolutely amazing. Trailer could've been better, but heck, just look at the hyper mode! New suit's nice, but what really interested me was the new space pirates. Funny of them to change the design but it looks better so I'm happy. Glad to see one of the main reasons I bought a Wii will not dissapoint.

ShadoWulf4027d ago

After a second look at the picture that led me to believe they had changed the look of the pirates...

It looks like that's just a regular pirate... being eaten up by phazon! It's pretty much just a skeleton. If I'm right on that then it's much cooler than just a new design.

anonymous4027d ago

This game looks great, and during the press conference I nearly squealed after seeing it in action. I could feel myself falling in love with the Wii all over again.
I was a bit confused about how they would handle the camera in the game, seeming that it has been difficult for developers to have a true FPS control-scheme where the reticle is centered and the camera moves around it–although I haven't played Call Of Duty for the Wii, which I heard had it "done right"; perhaps, it makes for a very difficult-experience because of the Wii Remote not sensing the bar if moved too off-screen. But after seeing the game-play footage, I'm not worried in the least of how the camera will be controlled. It seems that if the reticle is approaching a corner or side of the screen that the camera will move in that direction at about the same speed, as if it were constantly working to center it without making the user dizzy. Good work Retro Studios. It makes me feel that it will have a true FPS feel.
Now at first I was a little upset that the Zapper wouldn't be available for MP3:C, but I thought I could always replay it with it after it came out. It doesn't seem like you can do that. I came up with that presumption after realizing that I wouldn't be able to do it for RE4:WE. I'm okay with this though, because Reggie did mention Nintendo would be developing something specifically for the Zapper aside from the games from Capcom and Sega. And who knows?–maybe the games that Masachika Kawata mentioned to be remade will implement the new controller. A great gift from Capcom if it becomes a reality.
Now, back to MP3:C being a true FPS. I believe this game is a catalyst to what FPS games on a Wii console will be. Being able to lock-on to a specific target but simultaneously aim anywhere on the screen is going to give a very different, and in my my opinion very good, feel to any game that I can compare to this. Especially any in the MP series.
Also, I was worried about a lack of multiplayer. Now this may just be me, but when I think multiplayer–online or not–I think difficulty. The game-play seems to be aimed towards difficulty which is then leveled by introducing the Corruption Mode. It felt reminiscent of MPH for DS when I play it online, only I am intended to be the winner!

Well, thanks for reading. Lest you didn't notice, I'll be picking this up day one.

firstworldman4027d ago

That was me. I don't know what happened.