Creating Wii games next for an online generation?

At a RoboTech summer camp designed to help kids learn how to create games for the Wii console, she waxed lyrical Tuesday about "user-generated content" and the future of the most modern of art forms.--
"Art form? You bet. I have come to realize my Baby Boomer concept of computer games – Pong, Tetris, Pac Man – is pathetically outdated. In a funny way, games really have become a whole new genre, a sort of interactive literature-cum-board-game that transcends many limits."

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MyNutsYourChin4022d ago

Giving kids the opportunity at a young age to get some hands-on experience developing for current consoles is oustanding.

djt234022d ago

i like that idea, i am going to try to create game for wii ware