Nintendo's Miyamoto unveils Wii Fit

Nintendo game producer Shigeru Miyamto unveiled his latest creation at this year's E3. Wii Fit features dancing, exercise, balance and dexterity games that Nintendo says will help to build muscles and provide stability

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BubblesDAVERAGE4027d ago

reggie vs miyamoto was funny....okay no it wasnt..but good showing time for sony ..Im getting a wii once ssmb comes out.....

Odion4027d ago

lol the guys doing the live blog from 1up is freaking out cause they are weighing reggie and not showing new games.

Could this be the trend for this E3? I think Sony is the only one who will show new games.

Blankman4027d ago

ma wii has already been purchased havnt played it in ages but when galaxy hits that will be a different story.

Blasphemy4027d ago

Galaxy does look fun as hell but I am still not sure if I should purchase a Wii. Although I think it is an excellent idea right about now to buy some stock in Nintendo after the Wii Fit announcement.

scarlett_rg4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

Not sure if anyone actually saw any of the E3 Nintendo press conference... but the Wii Balance Board is sick! Combine that baby with the already unique controls of the Wii, and you're going to see some seriously immersive games in the future.

And obviously you can use it under your feet while you're sitting too (for those concerned about having to be up-and-about to play a game).

But ya, could you imagine strafing in a game just by shifting your weight a bit? Or hoppin' on that bad-boy for a snowboarding game? Or some other crazy stuff that we can only imagine.

Wii Fit kinda looked like a bit of a joke, but that Balance Board interface spells some SERIOUS possibilities for the future of gaming!


MyNutsYourChin4027d ago

Nintendo is definately serious about opening up the current gaming audience to new experiences and expanding the gaming community to include otherwise non-gamers. Good job Nintendo.

It seems to me that they are first increasing their fanbase laterally and then when they have reached a critical limit I believe they will start increasing it vertically. In doing so Nintendo will have the most stable and supportive fanbase of any system, at least until the other companies start their new marketing strategies.

THE_JUDGE4027d ago

keep up the good job Nintendo so in the future all we can play is Mario and NintenDogs. Forget games, lets do things like excersize with our consoles. I'm going to go home and take a jog with my PS3 in arm and my PC in my backpack. Since when did we as gamers need anyone else in gaming? Nintendo is diluting the games in the name of profit. Its sad.

MyNutsYourChin4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

I was merely stating a hypothetical situation based on the current market strategy of Nintendo. Expanding their customer base laterally means expanding the control scheme to minimize confusion, including new genres of games into their game lists, and marketing to an audience that includes family and group interaction. This does not mean that Nintendo is "diluting the games in the name of profit", as you say. On the contrary, Nintendo is doing the opposite by strengthening their fanbase by including a wider variety of gamers.

Anyway, thank you for not only showing me your ineptitude and immature ability at using sarcasm but also your lack of appreciation for all genres of games. Your reply, as insignificant to me as it is, shows me that yet another "gamer" has the stubborn and zealous nature that permeates the inner gaming community and most of the posts on N4G. I sincerely hope you are not as "thick headed" as you come across to be.

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