Halo: Reach Beta Service Records Detailed

Bungie: The Halo: Reach Beta onslaught is about to begin. Let's use our one day window of opportunity to crack the blinds and let some light play across the supple folds of the very same furnishings you'll park your ass on when you visit in May, shall we?

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Blaze9293136d ago

Looks sick. This is Bungie man - multiplayer innovators and geniuses.

May 3rd!

ASSASSYN 36o3136d ago

Soon it will be time to gather for war Spartans... soon.

Fanb0y3136d ago

Average kill distance? altitude?

All this stat tracking is going to be INCREDIBLE!

Bnet3433136d ago

The stat tracking Bungie does is so damn detailed, I really think as we move forward they will incorporate all these little things onto the game itself. BTW " Beta Buckdown!" Aha .. like my gamertag Bnet343 :D

Echo3073136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Man, it sure looks like that last screenshot signifies that we'll be able to watch replays from our PC's... How f-ing awesome would that be?

I really liked it when Guerrila offered top-down battle replays on-line for Killzone 2, but to potentially be able to use the file share and watch full replays from a PC?... Incredible.

But hey, all those haters are right, Bungie never innovates or brings anything new to the table. /s

-Alpha3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

It's these little things that make Halo such a fantastic quality multiplayer series.

And Echo, Killzone had that top down thing, but I was very disappointed that they didn't have it in-game and that it was just 2D. It was at best used to look for cheaters. UC2 had it in-game, but didn't have a rewind feature which made making movies for Machinima really hard (though UC2's use of it was awesome, clearly Bungie inspired them since they thanked them).

Replay theaters should be in every Multiplayer game, it's just such a great feature.

Tracking abilities are insanely detailed, is such an awesome place, and the features of Halo are always jam packed. It's a great use of $60.

You'll be able to watch your own videos on the net, how EPIC is that!?

Can't wait for this game.

Echo3073136d ago

Glad there's others out there that "get it" too. Bubbles for you my friend.

TheAwesomessMan3136d ago

Yea that is EPIC! Knowing how well you are actually doing detail by detail stat by stat.

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m233136d ago

Wow, that is a lot of stuff for a beta. Most games don't even have this much tracking in full games, let alone betas.

-Alpha3136d ago

Hey Munish, the beta is set to have 3 million + participants. That's insane. And Bungie is having a beta WAY before launch which means they actually CARE to implement user feedback. The final product may not be anywhere close to the beta if people want changes.

Bungie always delivers, they are the most hard working group I've seen this generation. Hats off to them, MS is lucky to have had them.

hamburgerhill3136d ago

This is gaming goodness at it's best. Thank You Bungie!!!

TheAwesomessMan3136d ago

This going to be a great game. Can't wait for its release.

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