The Agency E3 2007 video

New 9 minutes long footage with information on spy MMO.

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I don't even play MMO's and this looks like its going to be MAD fun to play !

Siesser3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I'm definitely excited about this one. This will be the first one to turn me onto MMO for the reasons they mentioned; you don't have to spend an eternity building up a character, and you actual control what you do. The sole reason I don't like RPGs is the fact that you hit a button and some die in the backrgound determines hits and misses and your fate.

Lucidmantra3664d ago

actually it looks like a persistent world version of Team Fortrress that is coming in the ornge box version of HL2.

Hate to say it. I like the idea but it looks cartoony like TF.

timmyp533661d ago

neva realy played an mmo but this looks good