Army of Two - E3 2007 Trailer and "Duck and Cover" Gameplay Video

Enter a war where your intentions might not be heroic but it will net you some profit.

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thezuur3909d ago

mmm not bad videos.... but i cant stop thinking

how would i feel if i was that us soldier that nearly got blown up on video. and now that event IS in a video game trailer....

i think i would feel insulted alittle.

nobizlikesnowbiz3909d ago

Doesn't look bad.

Need to see more to keep me interested though. Doesn't look all that enticing ATM.

The_Firestarter3909d ago

the (top) trailer looks really god.

BUT, the (bottom video) gameplay footage is just boring. It just kept dragging on and on. Such uninteresting gameplay, they could've done better.

Rhezin3909d ago

why can I see thru the guy