Blacklight: Tango Down To Deliver 'Best-In-Class FPS Action'

Blacklight: Tango Down launches for the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and PC this Summer, and developer Zombie Studios are expecting the game to push the boundaries of digital delivered titles, offering "best-in-action" action.

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respawnaction3156d ago

Well, I think we have to wait until Bodycount comes out for that title to be claimed.

SpaceSquirrel3156d ago

That's a pretty big claim.

mjolliffe3156d ago

But if this offers the same quality as a disc-based game, then we have a decent couple of years ahead of us regarding downloadable content :D

respawnaction3156d ago

For me, Battlefield 1943 offered the content of a disc based game for only $15, can't disregard that.

mjolliffe3156d ago

I wouldn't say that. Sure, it was fun, but it didn't have the viaual quality of an everyday game, and it was very glitchy.

This is supposed to offer the very best action, which will be very interesting if it does!

SpaceSquirrel3156d ago

Should be interesting if it can top the retail based FPS.

FragGen3156d ago

This game is going to suck dog balls. Very few people will buy it and the online will die within a month or so of release. People are willing to pay $60 for a top tier FPS (BFBC2, MAG, MW1&2)

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scruffy_bear3156d ago

Yes Hype but I'm still really looking forward to Blacklight:Tango Down

avengers19783156d ago

I agree with scruffy bear...I want to play this game, and hopefully it will have a nice 30 dollar price tag.

playnation3156d ago

does this game features clans?

blakstarz3155d ago

This game is coming from the people I think either developed or published Deadly Premonition. I dunno about this one...definitely will have to show and prove.