E3 07: Killzone 2 Believe the hype.

Perhaps more than any other game at this point, Killzone 2 has been built up in the minds of Sony-watchers as the lynchpin of the PS3's success. This is almost entirely thanks to the infamous, stunning trailer that was shown during Sony's 2005 E3 press conference, which wowed fans senseless until they found it was just a pre-rendered video of what its developers thought it might look like.Now that GamesRadar seen it played, however, no amount of Sony spin can hide the truth. And the truth is that Sony wasn't lying: Killzone 2, the game, looks shockingly close to Killzone 2, the trailer. And while it doesn't have quite the same level of polish, it makes up for it by being even crazier and bloodier than the early, imaginary look implied.

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hotshot12373972d ago

but still callofduty4 is the only game that is on par with killzone and killzone is in its pre alpha

TheFartMart3972d ago

If you look closely COD looks like an Atari game when compared to KZ2!!!

JsonHenry3972d ago

Lol, the game STILL does not look as good as say... Gears or Mass Effect. (but it is pre-alpha)

But it does look better than what I expected since everything else from Sony so far has been somewhat less detailed on the PS3 compared to the competition.

hazeblaze3972d ago

Actualy after watching the vids, this game looks better than both Gears & Mass Effect during the gameplay portions. The only parts of Mass Effect that look better are the conversational cut scenes.

masterg3972d ago


It's one thing to say Gears look better.
Gears is a beautiful game, and it's the best out to date.
I still say that this pre-alpha looks a nice bit better.

But to say Mass Effect looks better is simply a joke. Mass Effect doesn't even come close.

radzy3972d ago

we got gears of war 2 coming in the same year and killzone 2 looks like fear. meh

sony fan3972d ago

I dont care it is the ugliest game this year, and is clearly inferior to xbox games that came out a year ago. I don't care that I used to make fun of xbots for FPS being all thay had, we PS fans need to rally behind something, anything, no matter how generic and ugly it is. I say it is the best game in the world, eat that MS fans.

rubarb233971d ago

I have never seen so much people hyped up for a sequel to a piece of rat sh!t game. wasn't killzone labled as a "halo killer"? yeah well look how crap that game was. compare the reviews asswhipes!
now i'll admit, killzone 2 does look good and that's about it. If you remember when killzone was shown, it did have better graphics than halo (sorry but halo's graphics have never been great, just average). In the end look how killzone turned out - crap, halo 2....well even you c0ck smokers know how that turned out. so here we are again, killzone 2 looking nice (sony fanboys stick'n their d!cks into one another all excited) - let's see how it turns out when it comes out. then lets compare our halo 3 vs your killzone.

Halo -> proven franchise
Killzone -> ? still trying

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TheFartMart3972d ago

TheMart and all the xbots just got KILLZOWNED!!!!

SimmoUK3972d ago

Another really good preview roll's in of just how good this game is from people who were there, people can continue to say it looks bad but there just being made to look more and more like idiots...