E3: Smash bros brawl out 06/12/07

It's just been announced at Nintendo's press conference that Super Smash bros brawl will hit stores in the US 6th December this year.


Sorry guys it's the 3rd not 6th, this was a genuin typo, I was watching the key-note at the time. Once again sorry.

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jay23877d ago

You guys in the US have to mess up our language, lol

ItsDubC3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

OMG. On one hand, I'm excited that a firm date has finally been announced. On the other hand, I'm somewhat bummed that it's so far from now and so close to the end of the year, as rumors had popped up that NA would get SSBB in 2007 while EU would get Mario Kart in 2007. I guess I thought that getting SSBB in 2007 would mean more than just the last month of 2007.

So where does this put the release date for Mario Galaxy? That games was originally supposed to be a Christmas 2007 release but would Nintendo release both games during Christmas season?

It seems as though Mario Galaxy will be released before SSBB, on November 12th! And Reggie stated in the Media Briefing that SSBB was being released in the US on Dec. 3rd, not 6th.

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