Nintendo says it accounts for 69% of new industry growth.

Nintendo flaunted the success of the Wii at their press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year.

Nintendo says that 69% of all industry growth comes from Nintendo products, which as led them to a 4-to-1 domination over the Sony Playstation 3, and a 2-1 sales lead over the Xbox 360.

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timmyp534028d ago

you r a very good company and thats y u r so succesful now (applauds)

Alvadr4028d ago

I was starting to get annoyed with his boasting, trumpet blowing and gloating.

Il forgive him though for providing us with Mario Kart on the Wii

Tsalagi4028d ago

Mario Kart on Wii with ONLINE battlemode.

akaFullMetal4028d ago

they are getting alittle arogant, but then agian sony was, and so has microsoft, but hey whos number one seller , nintendo, so they should be able to boast alittle, especially since the cube, wasnt such a good time for them

Dark_Overlord4028d ago

maybe weekly sales, but overall they are nowhere near the success of the PS2, 100 million wasn't it? So to say its because of them the industry has seen 69% growth, I doubt it very much

Zaskark24028d ago

Nintendo would like to suck 69% of microsofts (you know what)

Merovee4028d ago

Yeah if they were to put 69% of Microsoft's ("You know what") in their mouth they wouldn't need to spend money on dental floss. ;)

Itachi4028d ago

i like nintendo but i dont want the games industry to become like this imagine ps4 or xbox720 with a wii remote and weak specs not the way to go for me and i think much of the success is really the price point at a sweet £180 but still nintendo i salute you

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