SquareGo: Resonance of Fate Review

SquareGo writes:

"If Final Fantasy XIII can be criticised for it's slow start, Resonance of Fate should be utterly flamed for its first 20 hours or so. How so? Well, at least Final Fantasy XIII was progressing through different places and gave you a new gameplay element almost hourly. With Resonance of Fate, on the other hand, there is nothing but the endless grind of fighting streams of enemies."

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Myze3162d ago

Apparent from the first paragraph and throughout, this reviewer didn't want to like the game. You can't start off a review with an entire paragraph comparing it to a game that has nothing in common.

Granted, the storyline is fairly lacking throughout the game, but when everything starts to make sense later, it's not as bad as it seems early on. The three main characters are all pretty good and by the end have a good build around them, but I will admit that with a few exceptions, most of the other non-party characters aren't very memorable.

The complaints about the combat is what I really disagree with. RoF has some of the best combat mechanics I've ever seen in an RPG, and I definitely never felt like the game was a big grind. Traveling along the map, and throughout the game, the amount of random encounters is no more than any other RPG, and unlike 90% of turn-based (loose term) RPGs, RoF has a bit of challenge to it.

The complaint about the storyline leaving you with just two characters at times is not a very valid complaint. The Tri-attack is the only thing you lose out on, and honestly, the tri-attack is not a lot more useful than individual hero-attacks most of the time (there are certain boss fights where it can really help, but most of the time you will have all 3 for those), and I never felt I was hindered more than than the game intended me to be when left with only two characters. Also, a second machine gun can be had on chapter 7, which is nowhere near 30 hours into the game, and getting that second one makes the game more fun and helps end fights a lot quicker.

I'm not trying to say the game is perfect. Many of the complaints in this review are plausible. The graphics are nothing special and the world map is kind of bland (I actually liked the opening of areas with hex blocks though). Along with some of the other negatives I've mentioned, this game is not without it's flaws. However, the game is also very much worth the time of anyone that likes RPGs and wants something a little different and a little challenging. 2/5 is ridiculous, as this is a 4/5 game for the combat alone...nowhere close to a 40% game.

zatrox3162d ago

I agree with you, the game combat is one of the bests a RPG could have, it's pretty challenging, and it's fun. Also, the three main characters are memorable, and even when it doesn't has a story attached to it, the game made me laugh and made me like those characters.