Guardian: Bodycount: hands-on with the future of the first-person shooter

Guardian writes: "British developers have not exactly dominated the first-person shooter genre. There was Goldeneye of course, Rare's seminal Bond tie-in for the N64, which brought in a new level of depth, structure and replayability. The development team behind it would go on to make Perfect Dark and later – as independent studio, Free Radical Design - the eccentric Time Splitters series. That brief throughline effectively dominates the history of UK involvement at the cutting edge of FPS design."

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raztad3158d ago

"This is tied in with one of the best cover systems I've ever seen. While in a crouching position (gained by holding the left trigger down), you can use the left analogue stick to subtly look and aim around your cover object, ducking and peeking to gain that perfect view of the war zone. It's natural, it's comfortable and it's adaptive, and it will surely consign the whole 'locking on' mechanic to the graveyard of cover system history."

KZ2 cover system right there baby.

KZ2 had that BLACK-like feeling, definitely the shooting mechanics felt like BLACK. Good thing BLACK is importing KZ2 cover, that means the combat is gonna be hectic and you will be crying for cover at all times. Looking forward to it