Microsoft unveils Big Button Pad for casual gamers

The controller won't initially be available on its own, rather four of them will be included with the upcoming Scene It game on Xbox 360. The title is an adaptation of the highly popular DVD trivia game and will debut later this year for $60, including the four controllers.

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Bill Gates4028d ago

"Big Button Pad".....HAHAHAHHAHA

way to win the crowd M$......HAHAHAHAHAHA

DrRage774028d ago

quit being a typcial is a new game controller for a specific game something to laugh at or make a stupid comment on?? plus, FOUR of them will come with the game Scene-it, and will be priced at the same price all games are priced at. plus, this controller will probably be used for alot of upcoming games that focus on party games and stuff like that...but someone like you probably doesn't even have that many friends to be able to play with more than one person...yourself

people like you really make dumb comments and then think they are being clever, everyone is impressed with you...congrats on making your way to yet another ignore list!

ALI G4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )


ArduousAndy4028d ago

your just an idiot. Why do you even comment. Just leave.

ReBurn4028d ago

Then when they do something different it is more of the same. I welcome party games to the 360. This shows that they are serious about taking the Wii on for family entertainment. There's a lot of money to be made by catering to the casual gamer.

I'm glad to see this. I hope this type of thing spreads throughout the industry.

Crazyglues4028d ago

That thing looked stupid as hell, and I don't know what fool would want to use that thing.

This reminds me of that board game you buy in case company comes over you will have something to play.

But then you end up never using it, because it's just seems too stupid - so you never whip it out.

This was like Microsoft's answer to go after the Wii consumers, just one problem, this sucks.

DrRage774028d ago

so i guess this sucks because microsoft came out with it and not sony?

it's one thing to say that you are not interested in party games at all and don't like the game scene-it, but you really are only saying "it sucks" without really giving any type of explanation for it. if single-player games are your only interest, then fine, but there are lot of people out there that enjoy playing party games with their friends when they are over. why do you think the wii is selling like crazy?? they are known for party games and have gone after that market aggressively.

i am not going to rip on you for your comment, but i just think it's a little more constructive if you give a valid reason other than "that thing looked stupid as hell, and I don't know what fool would want to use that thing"

Crazyglues4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

I won't argue about your point because you have a very valid point indeed.

I could have gave a good reason but I was just saying for me, I found it stupid that Microsoft would try to catch up to the Wii with something like this that seems on the surface a last minute idea to try to cash in on players they didn't know where out there playing games.

It seems clear that Nintendo has found it's users and caters to them very well.

Of course this is just my opinion as other's will have their's - I in no way shape or form control what is bought or sold by consumers, and was just saying for me and gamers like me I think this is a lost cause , mainly because I think serious gamers buy 360's and PS3's who wants to pay 400 dollars and up for a system to play kid like games.

So if you disagree, no problem fair enough we will both see how it sells. I respect your opinion, I just don't agree that it's a good idea. (bubbles for you for just stating your opinion and not attacking because you don't agree, thats the way all discussions should be)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

This isn't the Wii-mote and they are not trying to market it as such. You just see it that way because you favor Sony and hate MS and well... you are just downright dumb.

DethWish4027d ago

Actually Sony already has a controller that looks just like that except for bigger buttons for their Buzz game. A game which is also a quiz btw.

So this is just a straight-off copy by microsoft

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cdzie14028d ago

This was the only innovative thing they showed, everything else we already knew about. Even the live arcade games were blah…

unsunghero284028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

I appreciate that MS is trying to catch some of the enormous gust of wind that has been sailing Nintendo's boat, but this is a pretty goofy way to do it. IMO, it would have been just as good playing with a regular 360 controller where on the screen different answers are mapped to the 4 different buttons that are on the right side of the controller.

So, essentially, while it might be a (very very very) small step in the right direction, there's no way that people will honestly debate "Hmmm... Should I go for the 4 button controller with Scene It! or that motion sensing controller that can measure tilt, IR, and acceleration?"

Also, Viva Pinata looked good, but pretty amateur ("50 plus minigames!") next to Raving Rabbids 2.

ALI G4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )


rusgreim4028d ago

Its to make Wii-type casual gaming more appealing to users who already have a 360.

For example, my wife will never play Halo, but she enjoys many of the arcade titles. We play board games and Catch Phrase with 2 of the couples we are friends with and Scene It would be a neat game to play with them, this will add another layer of interactivity for the 360.

DrRage774028d ago

that is another great point that people really should look at. the game Scene-it, along with the 4 controllers that come with it, are in incredible value at $60, especially since you are not required to buy seperate xbox360 controller in order to play this game. if you only have 1 or 2 controllers at home, you only need to buy this game and then have fun with your friends or your whole family playing this game at holidays or birthday parties and those kinds of things. there is no added cost to getting the game and inviting over 3 buy the game, get 4 free controllers with it, and play!

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