The Perfect Storm: Why Xbox Should Win This Holiday Season conducts a three part article following each of the consoles. The following is part one, encompassing most of the E3 news from the Microsoft Press Conference.

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cain1413968d ago

Halo 3 may be over-hyped, but I know I will enjoy it.

akaFullMetal3968d ago

yea i think it might be alittle, but it will still sell tons, also is madden and gta only for 360, so why is the perfect storm they so call it, says that you can only play these on the 360?? GTA and madden are on the ps3, so ?? what????

cain1413968d ago

You can only play all three on Xbox...

kewlkat0073968d ago

I guess you didn't get it, when he talked about the top selling games the last 3 years or so, have been those 3 games. Like he stated, an Xbox fan will continue to enjoy all three games, only on the Xbox brand, if they do end up buy them for the 360. Halo, Madden, and GTA series, have sold millions.

Anyhow, I think thats what he meant.

AnDy FrOm MiAmi3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

I said it before and will say it again, the only way sony will wint this console war is if all of thier fanboys join hands and pray so hard that sh!t will come out of thier mouth and ass, by doing this they earn the power that will unlock the most horrifying and most disgusting thing in the world sonys hairy 'd!ick' wich will have constant sex with all the fanboys which by doing this will create giant seamen that will come crashing down on microsofts studios! XD

The four sony fanboys that will be the first to have contsant sex will be billates, nasim, cool matrix, and jin, then the rest will follow!

cain1413968d ago

People like you are the reason I dislike fanboys...

360Sheep3968d ago

haha homeboy thinks he wrote something clever so decides to put in in 80% of his posts. At least have the decency of creating a better finishing move. Something like busting a nut that cover the entire microsoft headquarters, or using sodomize or something instead of just plain sex. Cmon man, get to thinking better, never settle for the same old crap, always try and improve, thats whats wrong with you sheep

Torch3968d ago

Mental note: Keep the Hell away from Miami, Florida.

XENOCIDE3968d ago

You really give the rest of us a bad name.

Torch3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Good point.

...ain't NOBODY keeping me away from lovely Orlando, home of the immortal giant mouse, no matter how annoying and demented they may be! ;)

Itachi3968d ago

you a one crazy mofo serious and its not a good thing please get some help

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Xeoset3968d ago

It's not possible to hype consoles anymore, it's all down to the games to carry them.

The game is on now, Sony are cheaper and are showing their worth, Microsoft have fully recovered from their hardware problems and the Wii's over hyped self is starting to die down.

Can't wait too see it all unfold.

Captain Tuttle3968d ago

Making a short, well thought out and balanced post on N4G? You're killing me!!

Bubble for you man.


Very well said, short


And to the point

I agree 100%

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The story is too old to be commented.