Nintendo 3DS release date - October

Nintendo's 3DS will be released a full two months in advance of Christmas this year, CVG can reveal.

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Natsu X FairyTail3165d ago

finna hit the block and move a few pounds so i can get a 3DS in time for October! Wonder what the price tag shall be?

SpoonyRedMage3165d ago

$200 or less I'd say. Depending on how much they cram in it they may go for a slightly higher price than they introduced the DS at.

I can't wait!:D

Eamon3165d ago

So it will be more expensive than the Wii?

Rumor3165d ago

i need a handheld, but i hate the shovelware on the wii, and the psp has a lack of dev support. :/ oh god

fox023165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I wouldn't want to be Sony right now. Release a PSP phone and you'll have to compete with Apple. Release a PSP2 and you'll have to compete with Nintendo.

Or they could wait, see how the market responds to the 3DS and pull a "MOVE".

mikeslemonade3165d ago

I think I will have to breakdown and finally give Nintendo a sale day one. The HD consoles just don't give you a diverse genre of games namely platform games. And I'm getting the 3DS day one unless if there's really bad supply issue. The reason it warrants a day one purchase is Nintendo never drops price. In 7 years the DS lite is still $130 MSRP and the Nintendo DS launched at $160. I hate Nintendo more than Microsoft but you know what they convinced me because they offer a diverse genre of games that aren't on the HD consoles.

siyrobbo3164d ago

If the 3d screen works well, i can see the 3ds as being the cheapest way to view 3d films. Nintendo could make a killing if they had a movie rental service on a device like this

Darkfocus3164d ago

seeing as the dsi launched for 199.95 in Canada and the XL launched for 210$

fatstarr3164d ago

Hopefully its 180$ Nintendos not known to put out a 200$ + handheld
but i say 120-180 thats a nintendo like price range.
i got 200 saved up just for this...

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NateNater3165d ago

October!? And here I thought it would at least be sometime in 2011. This is great news though. Time to start savin' up again :P

matey3165d ago

wow i said i would buy 2 and i will october wow

frankymv3165d ago

Also confirms that we are in for all new consoles in fall 2011. We are approaching a new generation of consoles and I can't wait!

siyrobbo3165d ago

I think you are right, i think Nintendo had planned to announce this at E3, but got wind of a competitors plans to announce their handheld at the same event, so they 'announced' the 3DS to get in first

Wonder if MS have something planned, i can't imagine them sitting back and doing nothing. They tried to take on apple with the zune and windows mobile 7

PSP2 is a given, i'd imagine sony will take a different approach this time, aim it ata more general audience much like nintendo did with the DS

jjesso19933165d ago

wow my first item on xmas list cant wait for this nintendo handhelds are allways amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.