PlayStation 3 Reasons to be cheerful

When the PlayStation 3 launched a whole year after its Microsoft rival, and more than a little more expensive then it, many game journalists prematurely jumped to conclusions and declared it was 'Game Over for Sony.'

However 7 months on and something remarkable is happening, people are waking up to the fact that the PlayStation 3 is a very desirable, very powerful console that is here for the long haul. takes a look at the 10 best reasons to get excited about owning a PlayStation 3.

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ReBurn3971d ago

I would like to see some new reasons. Hopefully Sony's conference today will give us those reasons.

Mr VideoGames3971d ago

if i read anymoe Articles to keep Sony Fans cheerful cause they bought a 600 Dollar Paper Weight im going to go Crazy, you don't see Xbox doing this do you why do the Sony Fan Boys continue to post this [email protected] this ain't News

drtysouf213971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

I have one question. If you feel this way why do you read it? Just ignore it and read the articles that fit your liking.

Edit i didn't click disagree by the way.

Blankman3971d ago

well actually its a $499 paper weight as opposed to $399 dead weight. I love my ps3 and i am currently satisfied with what i have so far. I have to games to finish gaiden and rainbow 6 and i estimate by the time i am done with that i will either be moving on to lair or stranglehold. No more games drought for me. I want to say special thanks to myself for buying the current most future proof console of all time. 1% failure rates, with blu ray technology and so much untapped power. This is living baby!!! and am loving it

jtmill073971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Then STOP reading it!!! No ones making you..... Did I say that out load my bad :-)

Cusco3971d ago

well N4G is biased in favor of PS3, it's pretty freakin obvious. and second, just let the fanboys feel better about their investment.

drtysouf213971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

that the N4G Community has more PS3 fans. The users of N4G submit the stories thats not the sites fault. All you that complain about that should take it upon yourselves to submit more 360 news or invite some of your 360 friends to the site if you would like to see more balance.

edit i didn't click disagree by the way.

Rooted_Dust3971d ago

what's the difference? Does it matter if there are more PS3 fans than 360 fans? You know what? I'm pissed there aren't more PC fans, but I'm not whinning and crying. I'm posting PC game new and disscussing it with other like minded people.

nomad1173971d ago

ever been to full of 360 fanboys counts on what sight u go to

jtmill073971d ago

g4 is so xbox 360 it's not even funny. Just like last night I thought Adam was going to bust a NUT. Did you see him???


VideoGames4Life - Someone take all his bubbles.

Ps3 is the best ever and will deliver more later this and next year
and 10 years on

And so on


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The story is too old to be commented.