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Submitted by toup 2120d ago | article

Top 5 GBA games of All Time

Opinion piece covering the author's top 5 GBA games (which can be played on the DS) (Nintendo DS)

Cajun Chicken  +   2120d ago
I loved the Crash Bandicoot games, that and Duke Nukem was pretty cool.
drummerx2709  +   2120d ago
What!? No Pokemon games? O_o

Pokemon is the sh!t lol
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-Alpha  +   2119d ago
Really, no Pokemon?

I loved Golden Sun, and the classics like Pokemon, Wario Land, and Zelda always are great hits.
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Digitaldude  +   2119d ago
I'm assuming this article is for lols due to Pokemon not being number one.
Daishi  +   2119d ago
Without Golden Sun this list means nothing to me, given I do love Yoshi's Island and Castlevania (where's Metroid Fusion as well?)
RedPawn  +   2119d ago
Astro Boy
Minish Cap
Charlie2688  +   2119d ago
No Golden Sun? Metroid Fusion? Advance Wars? :S
eckoman11  +   2119d ago
Pokemon, Golden Sun, Crystal Chronicles, Super Mario 3, Wario Ware is my list.
trounbyfire  +   2119d ago
Why should we care about the GBA no one plays it any more. Sure give it the respect its deserves but come on we have way better games these days on most platforms. I went back and played pack man and dig dug and i was like ~*WOW*~ this suck after playing the games that we have now retro games are stupid to me. NOT ANY MARIO(on NES) OR ZELDA they stand the test of time.

SMB3 one of my favorite games of all time.
BWS1982  +   2119d ago
Good to know you
interviewed every gamer out there to find out what classics people enjoy. Thank you for your astute demonstration in logistical surveying.

Not all games falter due to time.

I don't care for turn based games, so I don't care for some of the games others mention above (Advance Wars, Golden Sun, Pokemon...all turn based)...but that's an opinion...kinda what this is based on...^^^
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Ironfungus  +   2119d ago
We care because the classic video games are the only *good* video games. It's very rare when a company of developers of this day and age actually create a work of art, rather than a "quick buck" game.
Ironfungus  +   2119d ago
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater? Really? Have these people even played a video game before?

Golden Sun isn't even on that list.
ceiltsei  +   2119d ago
.. I am still sour about Circle of the Moon not getting enough recognition. To me, a far better game - better difficulty balancing, some real challenges that are completely optional, and the card system feels better than the AoS system.

fatstarr  +   2119d ago
I was just about to say the same... no golden sun what were they thinking...
toup  +   2119d ago
If you read the comments, the author actually acknowledges that Golden Sun doesn't make it down to personal preference - I guess a piece like this is always going to divide opinions, it's not saying other games are not good...

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