Bulletstorm is 'groundbreaking', claims writer

FPS Bulletstorm will be a "groundbreaking" moment for video games, according to the story writer drafted in by Epic Games.

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vgn243160d ago

I bet everyone wishes they could dictate the label of their work. "Author calls own work groundbreaking". "Chef says his food tastes amazing."

dangert123160d ago

we all do it well if it's something were proud of lol

mal_tez923160d ago

I mean there's taking pride in your work and then there's that.

Hellsvacancy3160d ago

So this is gonna b better then Gears 3? thay havnt called Gears 3 "grounbreakin"

AAACE53160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Maybe I need to learn more about this one, because it just doesn't look that interesting to me right now! Then again, Crysis 2 doesn't look that interesting to me either!

BloodyNapkin3160d ago

Well no Gears 3 isn't groundbreaking. I am sure Cliffy B will say Gears 3 is "Bigger, Badder and more [email protected]"

FragGen3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

Yet another generic SciFi FPS with a plot that reads like it was written by a bunch of high school age kids on mushrooms? Sounds groundbreaking to me. (facepalm).

Inside_out3159d ago

Not another groundbreaking game...there must be 20 so far this year alone...

DaTruth3159d ago

There will be no ground left intact after this year. The ground breaks more in the gaming industry than in the movie 2012.

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blizzard_cool3160d ago

honestly, as long as he doesn't start speaking ***** of other developers I'm ok with his self bragging.

dangert123160d ago

i don't mind it buy that crysis guy i luv 2 wack him

Bilzac3160d ago

Shouldn't they be busy...writing a story. I guess this guy isnt a douche like the Crysis 2 guy. There is a 99% chance, the Crysis 2 writer will see this, and do an interview saying that the pre-alpha of Crisis 2 looks better than anything Bulletstorm produced...Oh well, seeing that it is an epic game, dont really think the story has much depth other than 'he killed me family, i take revenge'..maybe thats why this guy is so free.

CountDracula3160d ago

Which reminds me, Whatever happened to RAGE from ID software btw?

Hellsvacancy3160d ago

I REALLY want Rage aswel, theres hasnt been any news in ages

BeaArthur3160d ago

That means a lot coming from someone working on the project.

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The story is too old to be commented.