E3: Killzone 2 Q&A

After last night secret showing of the Killzone 2 demo, for the Playstation 3, Guerrilla Games took the time to answer a few questions on the much anticipated title.

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Imknow13971d ago

First the $100 price drop for the PS3, then this pre-alpha looking beauty, a very good time to pick up a PS3. Let the countdown begin :D

Bill Gates3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

XBOTS must be pulling their little pubic hairs out of frustration this morning...HAHAHHAHHAHHAHHHA

First Blu-ray runs laps on HD-DVD, and now SONY wins e3 without even going on stage yet.

I hope all this proves to you XBOTS never to doubt SONY EVER AGAIN.....hahahhahahha

I'm such a fandroid. I LOVE IT!!

nobizlikesnowbiz3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

Actually my pubic hairs are rather comfortable. Maybe a little caked with juice from your mom's twat.

Congratulations Bill, you have something you can be excited about. I'm happy for you. Don't go play in the street we wouldn't want that.

Just so you know. M$ has this holiday season sealed up. PS3 has good stuff coming out later this year, but mostly next year.

Peter Moore's presentation focused on what they are providing, this Xmas. He is counting on Halo 3 to bring all the PS2 owners to the 360.
He's going to do it too. You know why? PS3 doesn't have sh1t to compare to 360's lineup this holiday. This means that all the hardcore gamers will see the game selection, along with tried-and-true XBL service. What do you think they'll go for. Once he has 360's in more living rooms, he doesn't care. Once you buy a 360, your chances of buying a PS3 are reduced greatly. Why buy both consoles? I can get the cheaper console and get great games on it.

Sorry but one killer app won't bring Sony out of it's hole.

No more RROD issues either by Xmas...

I'd be worried about M$'s install base sh1tting on PS3 before it has a chance to get on it's feet you dumb trout.

<EDIT> : Here's a fun fact. Just a random unbiased poll from

Which "killer app" excites you the most?

Halo 3 - 45%
Killzone 2 - 32.2%
Super Mario Galaxy - 22.8%

lil bush3971d ago

100$ price drop, amazing killzone trailer, hopefully some new 1st party games, seems good to be a sony ps3 owner imo

Says you3971d ago

You think this Christmas there going to fix the XBox 360 problems your more dumber than a pile of donkey sh1t! piled together your a joke theres a better lineup on the PS3 than the XBox 360 considering Killzone 2 beats Halo 3 with better gameplay and graphics I mean everyone is got to admit that Halo 3 is more colors than gothic than Killzone 2 thats what Killzone 2 is all about modern war its like Killzone 2 meets World War II while Halo 3 meets fruity teletubbies you nitwit!.

Jamaicangmr3971d ago

@ nobizlikesnowbiz

Your bitterness is startin to consume your ability to see things clearly. Remember again with 1 game Sony has overshaddowed everything Microsoft showed even the mighty Halo 3. Specially the Mighty Halo 3. So you can pretend all you want but the rest of us logical thinkin gamers see things much more clearly.

Again we haven't see what Sony has to offer.

That constant pain your feelin in your stomach right now is the same thing Mr. Moore, Mr. Gates and the rest of the Xbox360 camp is feeling. It's called "Fear" Fear because Sony seems to be gettin it's troops inline for an all out attack, Microsofts and Nintendo's Press confrences are the 1st casualties of their attack.

Halo 3 can't save you this time. lol!