Okamiden confirmed for North America, new trailer

Capcom is bringing Okamiden to North America - Check out a new trailer.

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Valay3165d ago

I can't even big to explain how happy I am about this. I've been waiting for Capcom to confirm this for North America since they announced the game. At least now I won't have to import!

execution173165d ago

is Its a masterpiece, makes me wish i still had my PS2 or even have the Wii version but i can't find it any-who i found it better then Zelda and heavily underrated. look for it, buy it, play it, and you won't be disappointed :)

Lucreto3165d ago

Okami was my favourite game of last gen followed by Suikoden 2. I can't wait for this.

thereapersson3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

I loved the first game game on the Wii and PS2; so, I wish this was on a more powerful system, to truly appreciate the wonderful art direction that these games are known for.

Redempteur3165d ago

Very nice ..just what we need for good news

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