Jaffe "may" work on non-Sony platforms someday

It's not that Twisted Metal and God of War creator David Jaffe doesn't love you, Microsoft and Nintendo fans. He just loves Sony more.

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captain-obvious3160d ago

he did say that he wants to make iphone games

ViciousBoston3160d ago

um...duh? He has a contract, when it runs out he can do w/e he wants. I'm glad he signed with Sony.

Chunkstyle3159d ago

For the love of Zombie Jesus, just make a freakin' game, Jaffe!

PshycoNinja3159d ago

He said what he wanted to do was start up a successful company so that way Sony will buy the company from him and Scott Campbell. So who know you might and you might not, it all really depends on Sony.

DrWan3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Look at Incognito, when Cambell and Jaffe left, a whole crap load of ppl left...including Warhawk team, Dylan.

So if they by it, if Jaffe and Campbell leaves again...the studio gona be empty again -_-...

Unless, they stay for a while...

Dellis3159d ago

He is a selfish guy, he has never been loyal to Sony

they been loyal to him. This clown left GOW development to

make some crappy racing game and other crap.

GOW>>>Twisted Metal

go make another one for XBOX 360

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