Cliff Bleszinski "fully supports" removal of paper manuals

Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games says that he fully supports Ubisoft's decision of removing paper manuals in their game packages.

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Jamie Foxx3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Gaming companies are getting so greedy now they want to make little cut backs even though their profit margin is vast.

I like to read my paper manual while travelling home after just buying my game. £40-45 for a game isn't cheap,I just feel gaming companies are taking the piss it maybe trivial to some but not to me

presto7173163d ago

On the job training is usually enough for me.

CountDracula3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I understand your point about the manuals, but I think that some people are so used to getting one with every new game, that, when it's not included, people obsess over it so much that it's almost as important as the game itself!

Maybe they should replace the physical game manual with something that I can atually use, like free dlc or xbox live gold trials or Wait nevermind...

Red_Orange_Juice3163d ago

digital manual = cheaper game right? riiight :)

Lich1203163d ago

You could also look at it from the stand point of using less resources. While Im not overly environment conscious that seems to me like a good thing. But then again I also don't care about manuals so its easy for me to find a positive in this.

dragunrising3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Some people obviously care about game manuals, however, how many games have you played recently that didn't have an in game tutorial? Its much easier to learn from example/step by step instruction than reading a manual.

Game manuals have only shrunk with time. It's one thing to not include a game manual in a very complex game (rpg maybe), but another for "most" games.

If you take into consideration that there are FREE game walkthroughs with all the basics covered, is there really reason for a manual?

Throw in an Eco/earth friendly argument and I can't disagree with Ubisoft's decision.

Nihilism3163d ago

Why are people debating whether or not game manuals are needed, that is not the real motivation behind this, Ubisoft are greedy a-holes, that is their only motivation behind this, if they really cared about the environment all Ubisoft employees would remove their cancerous presence from the earth by killing themselves....a boy can dream anyway.

Max Power3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

when the manual isn't in color, and now they are taking it out completely...GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH HH! Well, maybe I'm not that mad, but I still like to read the manual before I play the game. Not for the tutorials, but for the other information about the game (characters, plot, enemies, etc) and now that little bit will be removed.

evrfighter3163d ago

Paper manuals are a relic of the past.

But Ubisoft's green approach is still a load of BS. whatever saves these people a couple pennies is what motivates them.

8thnightvolley3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

"1.1 - i pay £40 for a game,and im sorry since my snes days ive loved paper manuals
Gaming companies are getting so greedy now they want to make little cut backs even though their profit margin is vast.

I like to read my paper manual while travelling home after just buying my game. £40-45 for a game isn't cheap,I just feel gaming companies are taking the piss it maybe trivial to some but not to me "

i wouldnt call gaming companies expecially the developers greedy if anything they need to cut cost and get more revenue for their gaming. if u need to knw how the 60 dollars came about watching this >

so the removal of gaming manuals if more or less a good thing coz realistically speaking hardly anyone really looks are that manual they just learn on the fly i have played well over 300 games and i dout i have looked up to 5 maunals


a couple of pennies... OH REALLY?.. sell 5 million copies of that game and the multiply it not so penny looking is it?

Hill_billy3163d ago

Thanks for that tid bit of information. As it would seem, today is a slow day for real news...

jmare3162d ago

They need to use the manuals for more than just redundant information presentation. Make it something interesting like with what Metal Gear did. As it stands the game manuals are redundant and unnecessary. Either incorporate them into the immersion of the game, or just get rid of them.

HolyOrangeCows3162d ago

What, so the publisher can save 10 cents? Pfft.

Raf1k13162d ago

Removal of game manuals should also bring down the price but there's no way that's happening.

CountDracula3162d ago

Full of tutorials not even related to the game i.e. stylus use, seizures and crap like that...

MGRogue20173162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

This guy is an asshole. Sorry but he is.. Instruction Manuals are a part of a video game.. & is considered as part of the overall purchase.. well for me, anyway. It's like, how you say it? ... Aha! .. The Icing on the cake. :)

P.s. Also, Ubisoft are even bigger idiots for even bringing up the stupid idea in the first place.

Forget about it, drop the idea! -.-

UltimateIdiot9113162d ago

Feel exactly the same. I love reading manuals. I know most people don't but I do. I read them for almost every game except the ones that tells me nothing with a few pages. Good bathroom material also.

I love MGS4's manual, LBP's manual was nice also. I remember the pokemon manuals were great but not sure about them now since I haven't bought a pokemon game in ages.

Projekt7tuning3162d ago

I kind of agree with 1.1. I have some weird thing about collecting stuff like that. That's why sometimes I buy the collectors editions. I just like to have it for some strange reason. Now if there supposed to be saving trees or whatever, I guess that's good. But what about all the poor graphic designers that are going to get laid off because they will no longer be needed to produce the art work, layout, and composition.
If they save money by not printing them and getting rid of designers, shouldn't we pay less for the games?

Inside_out3162d ago

This has everything to do with control...What's that, need HELP...well just fill out this on-line know...E-mail address, last known address, male or female, employer, last time you went to the bathroom...EA and ubi as well as everyone else want all the info they can get on you...You can't even ask those questions for a job interview where I live...don't believe me, check out wouldn't let you play their on-line demo without signing in first....Paper is a is game discs, plastic covers, paper inserts...Computers are some of the most toxic things in the world....Watch, soon you won't be able to play there games without signing up.....

zag3162d ago

Games these days aren't that complex anymore, it's all too piss easy to play win what ever.

I still have my collectors Falcon 4.0 manual that manual is 380+ pages held with-in a binder.

These days games hold your hand for just about everything.

The one problem about this is, if you have no manual then how do you shows any sort of stats on items in a game or what it's meant to be used for etc.

Proxy3162d ago

We see they will cut box and media costs by removing manuals.
Can't wait to see what they do with the games.

avengers19783162d ago

I think it's a good thing, and I hope more devs do it. Save some trees, and all. I personally don't need the manuals anyway.

FragGen3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

@1.10: The fact that publishers screw the developers does not give the industry the right to in turn rape the consumers. The majority of Devs will ALWAYS be paid peanuts. They have a "game job" they're trading their $$ income potential for more rewarding work, studios and publshers know this when they set salaries it doesn't matter how big their profits are, devs will always be paid the going rate. This has NOTHING to do with them. Ubi is not a dev they are a publisher.

This move is bullsh*t. $60 is almost too damn much for a game. It IS too much for many of the games I've bought. It's why the used market exists. I like paper manuals, I've been p*ssed for years that pubs keep cutting costs/quality on them and, now, they just say "F- it" but WE still pay $60? If you're a gamer, this sucks.

The fact is the publishers (Ubi, EA, Activision, et al) are for the most part just like the middle men in the other media industries (movies, music, etc): They are money grubbing assh*les who will charge as much as they think the market will bear and they'll do ANYTHING to increase profit margins even by the slightest amount. They will not pass savings on to you, the developers, or the retailers, they will not use it to improve product quality, they will not use it to help the environment or to better the customer experience. They will use it increase their profit margins so they can fund their executive bonuses.

This is not about being green, this will not go developers, this is not better for consumers, it WILL ever so slightly increase Ubi's revenue per unit. That's what it's all about. These guys are world class d*ckweeds, along with EA and Activision. They are what is wrong with this industry in particular and the American corporate structure in general.

BYE3162d ago

One more reason to avoid Ubisoft games in the future.

Christopher3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Going 'green' is better, but my problem is that companies are only going 'green' if it means they can save money. In this case, they don't need to print out manuals for each game package but they're not going to give us anything extra or more due to that money being saved.

Same thing with all these commercials saying that if we all went paperless with our bills, it would be enough money to feed all the homeless or whatever. Yeah, sorry, but the only thing that's happening is that the fat cats are taking home more money.

If companies really want to go green, they need to do it where it matters the most and not just where they can save a few cents here and there.

The funny thing is that these companies, at least in the U.S., also get tax credits/cuts for going 'green' on top of the money they save by not producing extra materials.

Personally, this just tells me I'm going to have to print out on regular paper and put my needed manuals in some sort of binder or something instead of having an easily stored and accessible manual provided for me. So, I'll be wasting my own paper and saving them money.

Edit: Oh, and why the heck aren't there laws in place for all the crap ad mail I get every day that I don't ask for? Want to save trees, make unsolicited mailing of that crap illegal, especially CC and loan offers. That's where tons of waste goes to nowadays considering most people throw that crap right in the garbage as soon as they get it.

BasilMarceaux3162d ago

The only people who would miss them are obsessive nerds. Oh, and anything that youd need to look up in this important manual would probably be alot easier to just google.

Every game starts out with a tutorial and shows you the controls in the start menu. What kind of idiot needs more?

pixelsword3162d ago

It's bad enough that games don't explain themselves when they do have manuals, but some of us like to look at the book just in case one of those "what button do I use to do this so I don't do that and waste my whatever" moments come up.

Downtown boogey3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Isn't it weird that even though video games are pretty much the newest and most progressive form of media, many of you are still being very conservative, especially about this? It's an obvious, yet minor, evolution and whatever is in the manual will be incorporated into the game.

orange-skittle3162d ago

whinny little girls own a publishing company and game developing studio and give away money to complaining gamers that want free games. Create the games with the latest technology and charge $40 for it. I am sure you'll be successful. Morons

You should read half the stuff you nerds type. Imagine paying salaries for 3 years with no product to show for it. Even when it's done you have to pay for marketing and packaging before a copy is sold. Let's see how long your company stays profitable

nnotdead3162d ago

anything in a manual can be put in the actual game, so i dont get what the big deal is.

N4g_null3162d ago

LOL game manuals cost 20-30 dollar a pop. You know the guides. Who still buys those?

Bubble Buddy3162d ago

God, the last couple of games I bought minus GOWIII had horrible manuals; for example: MW2.

zag3162d ago

"whinny little girls own a publishing company and game developing studio and give away money to complaining gamers that want free games. Create the games with the latest technology and charge $40 for it. I am sure you'll be successful. Morons

You should read half the stuff you nerds type. Imagine paying salaries for 3 years with no product to show for it. Even when it's done you have to pay for marketing and packaging before a copy is sold. Let's see how long your company stays profitable"

The publishing company pays for everything, the game dev come up with the idea and makes the product, .

The Dev would get their money via royalties once they have paid the publisher back for all costs.

They have tried the $40 dollar on PC games a few years back and sales did go up but the publishers said it wasn't enough so up went to price of games again.

The real problem isn't what your paying to get by it's the share holders who are expecting higher returns... which means shares go up and they can say they have more pretend money in the bank.

Take direct downloads there's no media what so ever, yet the product still costs $60USD and all you have is a server saying you've paid for it, if that server loses your data then you own nothing, even if you paid hundreds of dollars for said software.

Steam doesn't send you any keys it only displays them so you don't even have any sort of proof to say you paid, the email receipts they send you wouldn't hold up in a court of law as they have no letter head and don't have a time or date or address of company or who served you.

As for the no product, BS.

There's always a product. you'd have design documents and then code bases and GFX bases to show the publisher's, that's the same deal for everyone across the board in all sectors of work.

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5tgyw3ty343163d ago

I like manuals and i dont buy anything from ubisoft anyway. So wayne?

chewmandinga3163d ago

...paper manuals these days are rather sucky.

All they seem to do is remind you how to turn on your system properly, which face up to insert the disc and remind you of the controls (which i'm just assuming are things we all already know, or will find out in the course of the game).

If manuals were all like, say, Metal Gear's comic-style manuals then I'd be sad to see them go. Otherwise I can't say I'm bothered.

MurderMyDoll3163d ago

well I haven't read a manual since pokemon yellow I think so either way I wouldn't miss them, always been more a jump into the game and learn from your mistakes person haha

Raf1k13162d ago

Yeah paper manuals aren't what they used to be. I loved reading my paper manual for Command & Conquer back in the day but they're so crap now that I rarely look in them any more.

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iMaim3163d ago

i like my paper manuals.

dalibor3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

While I do to, I thought that having a manual inside the game disc would be cool. Similar to how when you download a Ps1 classic game from PSN you get the digital manuals too. Have them inside the game rather than nothing at all b/c not all games have great tutorials.

I still remember the FF7 manual back in the day, that thing was huge lol.

psycho3603163d ago

i dont mind the story being put on cd but for control scheme i need a paper reference.

presto7173163d ago

You know you can just

Pause > Options > Controls and check without having to get up and find the freaking box.

Think about it.

orange-skittle3162d ago

It isn't already included in every OPTIONS menu. You have to be a real retard to open the booklet to see a controller layout. Manuals are like 6 pages now. I barely keep cases anymore. They get discarded like anything else as they sit in CD Booklets. Why do I want to keep boxes of games laying around when I can place the game in a nice sleeved carrying case and place it out of the way? I bet you lil boys have the binders facing out on a bookshelf like books as if it's impressive to look at. Grow up