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whateva3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I been waiting for this moment all my life!

shawnsl653161d ago

instant FIGHTER of the YEAR !

Bnet3433161d ago

When I saw this trailer, I shat brix.

Anorexorcist3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

because of Activision publishing Marvel Ultimate Alliance and supposedly having a monopoly on the use of Marvel characters in games?

The game looks great, I just hope the gameplay stays 2D and doesn't try to take on a Soul Calibur IV-type of gameplay. SSFIV with Marvel characters would be the best way to go (with the obvious six-man tag team fighting system)

Nothing's impossible...a long as it is considered profitable. This has given me hope that news of a Final Fantasy VII remake will surface soon.

Critical_Hit3161d ago

Looking forward to this. I hope we get to see more at E3.

bruddahmanmatt3161d ago

Not a fan. There's simply too much EPICness here that will more than likely result in consoles exploding from an abundance of uberness.

TotalPS3Fanboy3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Capcom have been very sucessful this generation because they actually listen to their fans.

Square Enix failed hard this generation because Wada refuse to listen to the fans, and all the while, making some of the stupidest decisions. Where's our FF7 Remake or FF7-2?

LightofDarkness3161d ago

Buh buh... mmmm...

Okay, I've stopped drooling. Words cannot describe the excitement that that now nestles firmly within my bosom.

Seriously, I just bought Blazblue, and now this. Please don't ruin this. Cast needs to range around 30+ characters, 3 on 3 tag, full six button layout (not that silly TvsC 3 button idea) with unlockables galore.

This game is too important, do NOT screw this up. Take your time, do it right. While I'd have been far more impressed with a 2D hand drawn presentation, this looks good. A more comic approach to SSFIV graphics is OK, just don't make it look exactly the same. A realistic approach to characters makes it unlikely that unrealistic looking characters/anime style will make the cut.

Characters I'd like to see:
Deadpool, Zero, Dante (Virgil?), Zak & Wiki, Mr. Sinister, Pheonix Wright, Thor, Blade, Ghost Rider, Dr Strange, perhaps Ultimate versions of certain Marvel characters, Wesker, battle suit from Lost Planet... there's plenty more but I'm just getting fanboy-ish now :p

vhero3161d ago

Gonna be good and no doubt be multi-platform however you KNOW MS will try and pay for exclusivity in some way.

Nikuma3161d ago

I hope they have Amaterasu from Okami in this one. That would be awesome. :D

Eamon3161d ago

lolwut! Chris Redfield! lol, next thing you know they'll introduce Dante into Marvel vs. Capcom

N4BmpS3161d ago

Dante will be in MvC3 and he's bringing Sparda with him. Oh Deadpool and the Super-Skrull are all on board with Felicia. Head over to gamesradar

ShinRyuHadoken3161d ago

Day 1 for me. can't wait any longer for this game! MvsC 2 was so long ago. Finally MvsC 3 coming to next gen consoles!

RageAgainstTheMShine3161d ago

Chris against the Hulk in 3-D!

Good thing I have a Dual Shock Controller!

MorganX3161d ago

I'm not the biggest fan of this series but mast admint, Hulk vs Chris, man I'm in. And I'm always up for an alter ego trip as the Wolverine.

FamilyGuy3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Isn't this the type of thing you wait to reveal at E3?
Blockbuster confirmed
purchase confirmed
drool confirmed

Sevir043161d ago

I Just Shat all the tools and Materials to build a house!

I'm sure this will have Lost planet Cast, Finally we'll get to have Monster Hunter Charcters, we'll almost certainly get Zero in a proper vs game. along with X and Dante, Nero and please to GOD who lives in Heaven Give us Virgil as an unlockable, also make it so that Most every character who has some sort of history together have an epic intro, like in blazeblu and GGX2,

This announcement is a monumental one. I cant wait till it releases I'm all over it. i guess the next game under development is SNK Vs Capcom 3 and to me that was a much better and more balanced game than MVC but man this is gonna be good. insane combos New characters and even more brutal supers. YES YES YES...

Hanif-8763161d ago

OMG, its certainly a must buy day one and this is just a teaser. I've been waiting on a next generation fighting game since i got my PS3...just think about online on this thing, its crazy :-)

Army_of_Darkness3161d ago

This game is literally the biggest shocking surprise this gen for me as of now!! Wow! and they're using MT framework! which is great, so we're definitely gonna see some Groovy graphics and gameplay baby yeah!

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qface643161d ago

so then its gonna pretty much have the same look/style as street fighter 4 then?
i dunno about the rest of you but i personally can't say i like that much

topdawg1223161d ago

Where does it say it looks like SF4? If you look at the end of the trailer you can see Ryu doing his super move which looks a lot like the one from tatsunoko vs. capcom. I think it's gonna be that sort of style. I think I can see Deadpool and dante in the silhouettes in the beginning. Oh yeah Chris Redfield ftw!

Bnet3433161d ago

What topdawg said it looks more like Tatsunoko vs Capcom than Street Fighter IV.

Simon_Brezhnev3161d ago

yeah the graphics better be more like Tatsunoko vs Capcom. If its anything like SF4 fúck this game then.

SpoonyRedMage3161d ago

Yer, TvC has a brilliant style and awesome gameplay. MvC3 better match it!

elpresador3161d ago

screw all the haters AAAAhahahahahahahahaa, nah, to each their own

Sevir043161d ago

Those 2 games ran on their arcade fighter engine while this one clearly said MT Framwork the same powering all of their games since Dead rising till RE5 excluding the street fighter games. this looks like a next gen Tatsunoku fighter which to me is awesome because it's art style was alot better than street fighter 4 even though that game is very beautiful in it's own right.

Hanif-8763161d ago

I want the character size to be the same as in Marvel VS Capcom because i don't like how they keep giving characters the size of my screen thats why i didn't buy Street Fighter IV and not one Mortal Combat since trilogy

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TheHater3161d ago

seriously pointing a pistol at the HULK? The HULK?

saint_john_paul_ii3161d ago

well, he did punched a rock so hard, that it fell into a molten lava pit, so yea.....

evrfighter3161d ago

The hulksters pythons vs. The Hulk

that match is even.

iMaim3161d ago

lets hope the boulder is a playable character.

Baka-akaB3161d ago

Well , i didnt want to leak it , but here is chris' super move then .

Just picture it with a model of Hulk , ryu or zangief instead :p

GodsHand3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Yeah, but I think not entirely sure, that The Hulk will punch back.

As for the preview for itself, got me excited. I like the graphics, but I do hope they out do themselves like the 50+ characters from MvsC2, and some nice unlockable artwork, like the original PS2 game.

Rocket Sauce3161d ago

I laughed at that last scene, too. Chris is about to get a size 58 foot through his ass and out his mouth. The boulder would have a better chance.

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saint_john_paul_ii3161d ago

awesome!!! i cant wait to see the game in action. hopefully Dante's in the game.

OmegaSlayer3161d ago

For once in my life I support the Pope