Xbox 360 Elite available to pre-order in the UK now!

If you live in the UK you can now pre-order the Xbox 360 Elite, due to hit stores on 24th August, from the UK's largest games retailer GAME.

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SuperSaiyan44000d ago

£329.99!!! Get lost Microsoft! Who is going to pay that??

The 360 prices need to be dropped and the Elite should be the price of the premium!

Also just to let everyone know this Elite is NOT going to have the new CPU and GPU 65nm size so watch out!! So its a waste of time even thinking about getting one.

Personally the current 20gb is more than enough space but I say just hold back and buy the 120gb if you really need it but again you're gonna get a huge shafting cos I bet the hard drive ends up costing something like £150 or more!

Oh and lastly...

£330 = around $620!!!!

The Elite in the states is only $480!!

Shadow Flare4000d ago

and £330 for something that may last you til you next get a haircut

Daewoodrow4000d ago

It might be expensive, sure, that's a given. But the Elites have the new heatsinks installed and are also covered for 3 years on hardware failures. I'd hardly say lasting is an issue.

Daewoodrow4000d ago

Needless to say I wont be buying one. Perhaps Microsoft figured all us British and all the Europeans live in giant castles and drink from gold chalices like in the movies.