Not True: Sony to Euro PS3 Bundle & Price Cut 'Leak'

SCEE has told CVG that details 'leaked' on its Euro PS3 announcement planned for later this week are categorically not true.

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SuperSaiyan43876d ago

Sony are not very good liers, 2 days before the US price cut some guy at Sony says its not true, there is NO price cut or wont be one and hey presto a couple of days later it happens.

There will be a European price cut there has to be, I dont think its fair that for one Japan got it like on the day of release then USA had to wait and now apparently Europe dont get one? Yeah right they will get one.

Make the PS3 £325 and you got yourself a lot more buyers also that will show the overpriced ELITE whats what - I like the Xbox 360 more though but Microsofts pricing is a bit off.

Sony do offer more hardware in the box but as far as games go I point towards the 360 each time even though I have both systems.

But I think the PS3 gets a lot more attention...When it comes to cleaning it lol - gotta keep that console shiny!! ;-)

boi3876d ago

well to be fair in business im sure it will be lower for Europe...thats how it goes :D but yea expect the price drop for Europe

Loudninja3876d ago

Because we kbnow its true!

kewlkat0073876d ago

it has been on the news, the internet, in stores, and you hear everyone talking about it but Sony hasn't said a word, but denying it?. till 2morrow I guess..

Eidolon3876d ago

the conference is in one hour?!