A Wish List for the Next Uncharted

Last year's Uncharted 2 blew away the critics; being the closest to an action movie a video game has ever been. It improved on the first Uncharted in almost every way, though it was not perfect. Here are some things that can be improved for the inevitable third game in the Uncharted series.

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gareno3161d ago

the final boss fight in both uncharteds was definitely disappointing, hope they don't screw it up again in uncharted 3

Julie3161d ago

I would like weapon customization and armor if possible :3 , i would like it a bit rpgish :)

ginsunuva3161d ago

Base Jumping level...Base Jumping level...Base Jumping level...PLEASE!!!

Tdmd3161d ago

Although I agree with the boss fighting argument, I completely disagree with all the others - they just don't make any sense to me. Uncharted is obviously a franchise which it's main idea is to homage old time adventure movies like Indiana Jones and all its clones, so, in that sense, all the cliche characters are a big part of its charm. They are meant to be some sort of trademarked characters of the kind of movies the franchise homage and they SHOULD make it to the next game. They are meant to be nostalgic and thats a very nice thing. Weapon's customization would be awesome though. Aside from it, my one and only wish for a 3rd game would be a more customizable multiplayer game. It would be nice to create your own characters skins and instead of purchasing new skins with the points you make, we would purchase pieces of costumes to the characters we've created, or customize our favorite weapons, or even buy new ones.