UK Tabloid states PS3 price cut in UK - now £375

Leading UK tabloid 'The Sun' is running an article that the PS3 is to receive a price cut in the UK by £50, bringing down its price to £375. They also indicate that Sony is to roll out the new 80GB version in the UK in preparation for their video on demand service.

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gta_cb3876d ago

although EVERY pound off is good news, for me this is still to expensive with no huge titles out, but hopefully they will take a little more off the price around Christmas time, then i would buy one =D

LSDARBY3876d ago

The Sun LMAO, One of the worst papers ever, full of trash and rumors. I wouldnt belive anything in that paper.

gta_cb3876d ago

i would think this is true as i cant see Sony giving the PS3 a price cut everywhere except in the UK, especially as the UK is a major part of the market for Sony (the PS1/2 was very popular here)

uHuRu3876d ago

The Sun sucks, but if true, PLAY.COM, will sell it for £350. not bad. I expect another price cut by christmas, probably £300. anyway, I got one already.

timmyp533876d ago

this is good news 4 potential buyers

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