Avalanche estimates 100+ hours to complete Just Cause 2

GamesRadar: Writing up our talk with Lead Game Designer at Avalanche Studios, Peter Johansson, was difficult, because we now spend every waking second parachute-climbing mountains and battering hanging enemies to death with our grappling hooks in Just Cause 2.

Understandably pleased with the way the game came out, he was bubbling over with enthusiasm as we slumped together in overly-plush leather seats somewhere in deepest, trendiest London. Together we relayed our best "that was pretty cool when I..." stories from the game and also sought answers to that most hallowed of questions: why can't we tether ourselves to a dolphin and go surfing across the sea? Well, he wouldn't tell us, but there were lots he would impart. Read about what he had to say right below this sentence.

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chak_3157d ago

yup, 28% so far, for 30h, so yeah.

If you're not bored then it's a lot of time to be played. Then you can do stunt, stupid things, or just ride around.

great game

nycredude3157d ago

I see this as an easy possibility. I am 5 hours in only 4%. Just so much to do I don't know want to do first, kinda like Oblivion. The world is so big!