E3: Assassins Creed Demo Disappoints

The word from Next Generation's man onsite at this morning's Microsoft conference is dismaying - Assassin's Creed is looking bad. And, having watched the walkthrough on video we can see what's worrying Next Generation's frontline-camping chap.

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DADO4174d ago

It did look bad. The enemies that were killed on the roof were floating in the air. The concept and the story of the game seem to be okay.

jromao4174d ago

That's just a DEMO, the game still in development and this issues are normal, in the beginnig we also see replicated characters as they say but that's stuff to be tunned after, apart from that issues the demo is funtastic and the game worth the money just to let us explore the cities, great work.

ShiftyLookingCow4174d ago

I suppose they should add Aladdin's magic carpet and the game will be more fun?

HowarthsNJ4174d ago

Is the PS3 the lead platform?

If so, maybe they are having trouble translating the AI from one format to the other.

I don't understand why MS would show a buggy demo and create this kind of negative press.

If the PS3 demo is just as bad then we may indeed see more delays.

Marceles4174d ago

my favorite part of the demo was during the fighting when the girl said "look how realistically the AI reacts", and all the soldiers stood there while each one was knocked to the ground and stabbed one at a time.

KingME4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

@DADO - When I looked at the demo, there was one guy pushed from the roof that fell to the ground. And one guy killed that floated in the air, or became hung up on the ledge. Why would you say "Enemies" as if this incident happened on more that one occasion?

@HowarthsNJ - Can any opportunity to blame Microsoft for something pass without you taking advantage of it. UBISOFT is the developer of the product. Why would you blame Microsoft for showing it. UBISOFT showed it, if you are going to put it that way, then MS and SONY should not have showed it, since it is on both platforms. Come on man, don't blame MS just because you're a hater.

@jromao - I agree with your comment completely.

Also, I am yet to see a game where the AI is 100% on point, you can always find some type of glitch. You know what because there are not humans, it is AI. Don't forget that as you get caught up the this nextgen dream that everyone seem to go overboard with.

Silver3604174d ago

They build special demos for E3 separate from the game build

Crotin4174d ago

The sad thing is I think if this was demo'd during the sony convention, the ps3 would've been pounded with insults..."the cell's power buwahahahaha the AI is so stupid so the cell is stupid hahahaha". At least it looks like the smart people realize this is a multi-platform...and a demo

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Captain Tuttle4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

That was painful. Not good at all. That explains the delays though. Looks like they need another one.

SuperSaiyan44174d ago

More Ubi [email protected] it seems, they cant seem to get anything right.

GRAW 1 & 2 both had lots of bugs and glitches, Rainbow 6: Vegas has some bugs and glitches but are minor and now you got this, especially since AC was looking soo promising.

Captain Tuttle4174d ago

I was just thinking about this and I agree. I think Ubisoft is overrated as a developer.

RealityCheck4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

I also agree. The quality of Ubisoft games seem to have been going down lately. Everyday they are becoming more and more like EA.

MyNutsYourChin4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

I thought the trailer looked fine. The game isn't even finished yet so it's unfair to start criticising [sp?] it. I'm sure the gameplay will be unique and entertaining, although, I hope they include more than one finishing move...

As for the Jug walkers, yea, there's quite a few of them but I'm sure that won't be the way it is in the final release. I'm guessing they included them to fill the town with more characters. If they are in the final release then, damn, these developers have some problems...

However, I've been very disappointed with Ubisoft over the past few years. What really bugs me is that they are a large 3rd party and produce quite a few games for all platforms. I'm contemplating not supporting Ubisoft anymore since most of the games released by them tend to be poor quality in my opinion. Unfortunately, EA takes Ubisoft's place if I do this...I'm starting to weep...where have all the great quality games gone?

360_Rules4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

And yet you are hyping Haze to be better then Halo 3? LMAO

Edit - Ok sorry then. Anyway I saw Haze today and it looks ok almost like a Far Cry HD game. It should be a fun game but match Halo 3 don't think so.

masterg4174d ago

@Captain Tuttle

Ubisoft is a publisher NOT a developer.


Haze has nothing to do with Assassins creed.
The games are being made by two different companies.
Both published by Ubisoft.

Captain Tuttle4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

But whatever, they're overrated as a publisher AND a developer.

InMyOpinion4173d ago

The next Splinter Cell is looking ace and both Rainbow Six: Vegas and Ghost Recon 1 & 2 were amazing games. I think Ubisoft usually deliver games with top notch graphics and tight controls (R6:Vegas has some of the best controls to date in a fps). Almost every game has it's glitches, though I have never encountered glitches big enough to disturb the gameplay in any of Ubisoft's latest games. I think all this criticism is uncalled for, there are much worse developers/publishers out there that deserve it more.

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Kokoro4174d ago

games have bugs sometimes. Now it`s not like it was buggy all over the place. Just one bug where the ennemie stayed static. Note that the game is not finished yet.

renegade4174d ago

ubisoft made game that looks sh!t