9.0 3D Dot Game Heroes Review "If perhaps it sat at a price point that was set to compete with all other new games there would be some debate over 3D Dot Game Heroes. Aside from a few weapon options the game certainly doesn't bring anything new to the industry, but what it does do is capture an entire generation of game design perfectly in a neat package. Combine that with character customization, a variety of mini-games, and a very memorable sense of humour and 3D Dot Heroes cements itself as a must-own game for anyone who appreciates a single player adventure."

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Kyll3166d ago

oh man, so picking this up :o

jammers3166d ago

Yeah, kinda pumped to see this game in action

BloodyNapkin3166d ago

Heck i will probably spend as long as making my character than what Splintercell is.

kratos1233166d ago

lol best comment of the day bubbles fore you

blitz06233166d ago

Even if it was $40 I never really thought of getting this game. Now I just might. $40 for a retro experience? Hell yeah. Better than those $60 5 hour single player games

Dacapn3166d ago

When does this come out? I'm a single player gamer at heart and thoroughly intrigued by this game.

HolyOrangeCows3166d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Haters like Eurogamer and Teletext: 6 or 7/10.
All other English reviews: 8 or 9/10.


ThatArtGuy3165d ago

This comes out in the beginning of May.
Red Dead Redemption comes out the following week.
Modnation Racers comes out the week after.

darthv723165d ago

i love the look and feel of this game. Makes you want other retro games given the same treatment.

Which ones...hmmmmm

vhero3165d ago

I honestly thought you could make your own adventure on this game when I first saw it. I was kinda gutted when I found out you can only create your own character..

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Kioran3166d ago

This game looks really awesome, I can't wait to play it.

SuperStrokey11233165d ago

Agreed, its looking to be just that something special that you see just a few times a year. Like demon souls and dead space and games like those.

Sanrin3166d ago

Totally worth buying, it's like Zelda in HD!

mephman3166d ago

Nintendo will get there eventually. :p

Selyah3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

Sounds pretty fun and almost nostalgic

redDevil873166d ago

The reviews for this game are really good, i'm definatley going to get this at some point. Why did it have to come out at this time though? Theres to many games and not enough money lol

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The story is too old to be commented.