Unreal Tournament 3 Trailer and Screens; November Release Confirmed

Out this November. Gears of War Windows and Unreal Tournament 3 before the end of the year? Oh hell yes.

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Razzy4027d ago

One thing's for sure. We're all going to be a lot poorer with all these great games coming out in the fall.

Torch4027d ago

I was thinking the same thing...(and quite possibly even divorced and abandoned.) ;)

Odion4027d ago

oh look a game that looks better and will have better MP then Killzone 2!

The General4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

U really meant to say, "oh look a game that looks better and will have better MP" than Gears of War, but... will still get owned by Killzone 2!

Odion, anything that the ps3 does, you try to discredit and that is terrible way to be a gamer. Don't get me wrong, Unreal Tournament will be a better game than gears but you can't say it will be better than a game that is 1.) still in pre-pre alpha and 2.) hasn't even come out yet.

I also suspect that this game won't be better than Killzone 2 in every aspect because, Epic was trying to outdo Gears of War and the previous installments of unreal tournament; on the other hand, Killzone 2 is being developed to outdo a e3 2005 trailer that set the bar for all games, those out now and those still to come. Killzone 2 is as of the moment unrivaled, with nothing but its e3 2005 trailer giving it a run for its money. COD4 is close but with the facial emotions in Killzone 2, COD4 misses the mark. However, in the end, all gamers will be happy, but right now it feels real real good to own a ps3. It's almost unreal. Game on and B3yond.

@Thammer and the rest of the 360 Fanboys in Denial of the sheer awesomeness of Killzone:

You guys are really pitiful. You saw the Killzone trailer and knew there was no other game that could respond to it, so now any game you can find with a video you say will be better than Killzone. First you said it was Halo 3, that didn't work. Then you said Call of Duty 4, you watched the Killzone video again and realized that didn't work. Now you're watching this video and hope you found something to combat the Pre-pre alpha In-game vid of Killzone? Keep on trying guys, but denial is a terrible way to live life and be a gamer.

You have to except that Sony caught many people by a surprise this E3 and many more will soon come. Ps3 sales have went up, games are coming out, 1st party games look better than anything on any other console. What else can we ask for? How can you possibly still hate on the ps3? You can't because Sony is proving itself and is now poised to take the lead, which has a lot of 360 fanboys nervous. But it's ok, but what can you do about it? You should be more concerned about the Wii overtaking taking the 360 sales by next year.

Ps3 for the Win.

Ps3 fans, support each other and give Ps3 fans more Bubbles. After this E3, you all deserve them--you were all right.

P.S. And you do realize that Sony is working with Epic to give us features that won't be available on other versions of the game right? PS3 UT3 is getting the modding aspect as well, so not only does PS3 get the game 1st, it gets the best version as well.

THAMMER14027d ago

I understand the PS3 fan boy thing and all but get real man. UNRAL tournament is giving up the goods. All we have seen from Kill Zone 2 is a so called pre alpha game play demo.

Watch the video again dude. Unreal Tourney is going to Kill KZ2. Look at the game play, weapons, physics, and every thing it look awesome. No hype needed UT3 speaks for it's self.

You are not just being a fan boy you are a hater. Sorry Bro I'm not trying to break you [email protected] here but it is what it is.

i Shank u4027d ago

like play b3yond or Jump In, wow you all suck, and you suck it hard

The General4027d ago

Does it feel like after the Killzone Trailer, Screenshots, and positive news, nothing else and no other articles seem to be getting as much comments, if any? This is surprising. O well, back to watch that Killzone 2 trailer again while waiting for another one that will have a lot of comments too--Metal Gear Solid 4. I love my PS3.

solideagle14027d ago

yes my friendi have been on this website from E# 05 when it was and "attention @ best(fans) is motive here"

djtek1844027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

everytime i refresh there's new news! this is just too much! im late for work! got to stop this!

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