Halo 3 1UP Preview

Bungie showed 1UP their first glimpse of the single-player campaign mode, as well as a more detailed look at the "saved films" feature.

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xg-ei8ht3939d ago

Was not impressed sorry.

Bill Gates3939d ago

As were alot of other gamers.

Sad, just sad.......NAT!!

SuperSaiyan43939d ago

I think it looked stunning! Finally time to finish this fight and it looks like its gonna go all out! Can't wait!

Rooted_Dust3939d ago

The environments are still the same flat un-natural designs, but with higher polygon textures.

nomad1173939d ago

im sure it looks great but comparing it to crysis is like comparing atari 2600 pacman to pacman championship

drtysouf213939d ago

i don't know it just never seemed to grasp me like it has done so many others but i will say after seeing some more footage last night from the Microsoft Press Con. that Halo 3 does look very promising. I usually rent games that i'm skeptical about through gamefly first and then decide whether to purchase or not and i will say Halo 3 was in my Que at Gamefly but after last nights footage i can say it looks to be worth a buy.

kevoncox3939d ago

I was very impressed. I'm not een a Halo fan. I think the single player looked as good as their e306 target. It looked good. The artstyle of Halo doesn't allow for Realistic metal and enviorments. It's ment to be a barren planetry adventure. I think the railer showed great physics and a solid premise. It's kinda of the preety girl that gets ignore because everyone expects her to be the prom queen.

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The story is too old to be commented.