VP Shane Kim: Xbox 360 Price Cut Planned- No Date Given

Microsoft Corp., the world's largest software maker, plans to cut the price of its Xbox 360 game console to compete with Nintendo Co.'s top-selling Wii.

The Redmond, Washington-based company needs to lower Xbox's $299 to $479 price to increase sales and lure customers who aren't interested in traditional combat and racing video games, Shane Kim, vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, said in an interview. He declined to say when a price cut may be announced. It won't happen at this week's E3 games conference, he said.

''We need to compete effectively for that customer and part of that is getting to the mass market price point for the console,'' said Kim. ''We definitely are working on that area.''

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BIadestarX3878d ago

"The Redmond, Washington-based company needs to lower Xbox's $299 to $479 price" ehhh?

FordGTGuy3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

They need to decrease the price of the Core to the Elite aka the($299 model to the $479.99 model)

Odion3878d ago

cool good to hear about this, on that note is anyone else getting the viva pinata party game? TO me it looks like a ton of fun and i may pick it up!

DrRage773878d ago

yeah i think i will get teh viva pinata game for will be another game my wife will enjoy playing. i loved the mario party games on nintendo, so this should be that type of game, although i'm sure it will be a bit different....and if they make it online capable, that will be a great attraction to a lot of buyers

predator3878d ago

yeah loved the first and wen i saw the trailer i was p!ssin my self laughing

Imknow13878d ago

If they do make an announcement, it will be in their XO7 convention.

fjtorres3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

Did Kim just Osborne the 360?
Announcing a price cut without announcing the date is basically telling would-be buyers: "Don't buy. Wait."
Not wise, Mr Kim.

The price cut now has to be announced sooner rather than later.

solidt123878d ago

I agree with fjtorres . They better announce the cut today or see the sales numbers drop.

DrRage773878d ago

yeah what is he thinking? right when you say that you have planned a price cut, or indicate anything remote to a confirmation of a price drop coming, people are going to hold off on buying a console.

i think that they were anticipating origially dropping the price of the 360 after Halo3 was released, since that game alone will move a lot of console sales, but now they might be forced to do it earlier, or risk seeing current sales sink lower than they originally would have.

funny thing is that people might have actually gone out and bought more consoles after all the great games announced that are being released this year for the 360, but with this news of Kim CONFIRMING that there is going to be a price drop, he might have just halted a lot of people from going to the store soon to get a 360....

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The story is too old to be commented.