Killzone Developer - "You've Seen Nothing Yet";"Killzone will Shock"

Killzone developer talks on Neogaf and confirms that the trailer is pre-pre alpha.The game features highly atmospheric environments that respond accurately to weapon fire as players storm through the world of Helghan. The harsh climate and conditions of Helghan are also a factor, forcing players to adapt new tactics to survive.

"Don't forget one thing: This game is PRE-pre-alpha! So, not PRE-Alpha, PRE-PRE! So, please don't start some "Hey, can you see that texture poppin' up! PLEASE, stop it, ok? There will be much more details, effects and so on. Give us some time."

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Hectic_Kris3971d ago

we will see it loooks to me like they have spent so much money on puting excelent graphics in that they have forgotten it is a game and that it should have exclenet gameplay instead of being like im sitting down watchin some graphical cartoony movie thingy

COD 4 IS guna Blow The Sock's Off Of This Baddaman

Lifendz3971d ago

because you played the game right? Oh haven't played the game yet have you. So you're pretty much speaking out of your ***. All you lems do is try to find one way to bash this game. First it won't match the trailer and now the gameplay will stink. Just admit it's an impressive looking game and move on. I haven't played Mass Effect or Too Human yet but I can admit both look promising.

tehcellownu3971d ago

uh huh

Killzone 2 will shock??? rumble confirmed

ALI G3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )


TruthHurts3971d ago

i can`t wait to see KZ in the presentation.
the trailer was CRAZY,
Sony has already won this e3 and they haven`t had their presentation yet, thats pretty impressive.

bubbles PLEASE!

Marceles3971d ago

Yeah I'm sure Sony's presentation is going to be the best in show...MS's presentation was boring yesterday. So we can download Disney movies, unenthusiastic woo hoo, there was an underwater game on xbox live, too human, lost odyssey, halo 3 (looked alot better), and cod 4...but there really wasn't anything we didn't know about, oh yeah except RE5 looked great. But Sony started their party great with KZ2...I'm not going to doubt their plans with KZ2 much anymore, it's just everything is on "see it to believe it" mode for them now.

aiphanes3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

COD4 is tight...but it is a multiplatform game...Killzone 2 was off the hinges!

I want to be in the Killzone 2 beta!!!

Please let me get in!!

SuperSaiyan43971d ago

Fits nicely on 1 DVD9 disc and the installation is less than 9gb or will be I am sure so how does this game that doesnt look anywhere near as good as Crysis use 2gb per level?

Blu-ray isnt needed for gaming especially if you have the latest tools to make games - look at Bioware's Mass Effect for proof and Lost Odessy, PGR4 etc.

Since blu-ray is slow and I know because the loading times on my PS3 are terrible even with game data installed KZ2 is gonna be the worst one ever for loading!

Dark_Overlord3971d ago

Well I suppose it depends on whether they are constantly streaming data from the disc, if they are load times may either be minimised or not existent. Just look at San Andreas as an example

Silvanos3971d ago

I think the load times are minimal on the Ps3.

Killzone looks great I hope I can get in on the beat as well.

LSDARBY3971d ago

OMFG how the hell do you know, are you making the game? Are you a games developer? No so STFU. You dont have a clue about this games loading times and what tools they have.
And loading times arent long on the PS3 at all. I have never thought "This game is taking long to load" And neither have you so get a grip. twat

TruthHurts3971d ago

you just made your self sound REALLY ignorant.

honestly to me, it sounds like your just trying to come up w/ any reason to bash this game. it looks GREAT and the genral public WILL agree. if this game was on the 360 you wouldn`t have said what you just said. don`t just try to COME UP w/ reasons you don`t like it cause it makes it look like you actually LOVE IT.


thanks for the bubble.

actionjackson3971d ago

You're right, Blu-Ray isn't needed. Neither is DVD, as Nintendo displayed that years ago. But why limit the gaming experience. Why not broaden the horizons. If a developer can spend more time and add more content to a disk, why not. Look at KZ2, that's what you get when a developer spends some time on the game, not for pushing it out early. And Blu-Ray allows them to put a ton of value added incentives to buy the game. Like I said, even DVD is not needed, cartridges worked fine, but why limit devs into a confined space?

aiphanes3971d ago

Killzone 2 and Haze use streaming textures...there is no loading times...

THE_JUDGE3971d ago

about it obviously! I 've heard your opinion enough, welcome to the ignored list. You should feel at home, there are plenty of other tools on the list as well.

The great 13971d ago

your a xbox fanboy and that's the worst thing you can say about this game even though you know what you said is just bollocks, his comments alone proves the xbox fanboys have lost this war and they have definetly lost e3, celebrate ps3 owners, the end is near for the xbox 360.

funkysolo3971d ago

I don't care how many times I watched Crysis, I'm not impress and got a decent PC to run it, but Killzone2 just looks like it's going be a blast to play. The atmosphere is just different, it separates it from your WW2 genre.

predator3971d ago

@thegreat1, y send me a pm and block me u chicken Sh!t, scared of what il say back

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LSDARBY3971d ago

lol, i noticed at the start of the trailer the textures on the floor of the ship you're in are awful. So i can belive its pre-alpha. I hope this game will look good. I hope Sony show the latest build at the conference too.