E3: Viva Piñata coming to PC, see the first fluffy shots

Those cutesy little piñatas will soon be hoping around on PC monitors as Microsoft readies the game for Windows XP and Vista.

It's pretty much a straight port, giving you the tools to create a gorgeous garden with everything needed to attract the 60+ species of piñata.

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achira3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

lol, all xbox360 games come to pc. xbox360=pooor pc for pooor ppl, which brakes all the time.
edit: you can be sure that ms gets no cent for geow on pc! i am even sure they paid epic, that it should not come to the ps3! but nice damage control.

BIadestarX3847d ago

Same Stupid comments.... Why shouldn't microsoft make money from Sony fanboys that don't want to own an xbox 360 and from people that are not into consoles... I tell you what though... Microsoft games will not be released on the PS3.
Windows is microsoft platform.. even a stupid sony fanboys such as yourself should know that. The same way... the PSP is another Sony's platform. I own a PSP and not a PS3.. just because Sony does not make money from me on PS3 games they do make money on PSP. get the idea?

Cusco3847d ago

Viva Piniata for PC? they've gone mad...

ItsDubC3847d ago

Hmm... if this trend continues, I may reconsider the purchase of the new "Falcon" 360.

VirusE3847d ago

I loved this game and i think it will be cool to see what the mod community can do with this game.

AllroundGamer3847d ago

another one bites the dust? :) now it only needs the PGR to be PC ported, and there is no need for xbox... and i speak as a xbox360 owner... but at least the people have the choice to upgrade their PC or buy xbox360.

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