Diehard GameFAN: Netflix Streaming on the Wii – How Does It Fare?

Diehard GameFAN writes: "Several months ago it was announced that the Wii would be receiving a Netflix streaming disc similar to what the PS3 received back in early November. Then without any real announcement Netflix users like myself received an email at the beginning of this month stating that the Wii disc would be coming out "this spring." Well, it turned out "this spring" was "this month," and on Saturday, April 17th, I received my Wii Netflix Streaming disc. I decided to watch a few things on Netflix to test out the disc as well as compare the user interface and visual quality with that of the PS3 and PC. I won't be comparing the 360 for two big reasons. The first is that you have to have XBLA Gold to use it, while all other forms of Netflix Streaming are free and the second is that the 360 isn't geared for wireless internet without an expensive adapter, my condo only has wireless internet and I'm not stupid enough to pay for something that should have been in the 360 as a standard feature."

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