Halo 3 E3 2007 Trailer Analysis

The E3 07 Xbox Keynote had many delicious bits of Halo goodness; it opened up with the kids from Libertyville, Indiana playing their rendition of the Halo theme for the audience, followed by the revealing of a Special Edition Halo 3 Xbox 360 console, a new advertising campaign filmed in real-life, and of course to end the show a Halo 3 Campaign trailer.

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30ROCK3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

The real life ad - oh my god it was awful. I wanted to rip my eyes out and eat them, but I was too busy laughing. It was pre-90s low budget advertising.

The console - a lovely puke green. How could anyone like this?

The trailer - OMG what a disappointment. The animation at the start with the brute kicking the other guy was HORRENDOUS. The rest is ok, but hey, it's no Killzone 2.

Also the kids sucked. What kind of loser plays video game music. It's not even good video game music! Those nerds are gonna get the beats.

It was truly a disasterton of ULTIMATEPIC proportions.

Just found out that the game doesn't even come with the 'Puker'
Then what the hell was the point in releasing the Puker?
OMFG MS, another tard pack! At least we can assume no one will buy the Puker now.

#2 @ below
I barely have anything to say about the real Halo 3 game, I'm commenting on the Puker, the trailer, the 20 year old live action ad and the nerds.

Double-Edged3902d ago

honestly. KZ2 trailer was awesome. Hands Down.
But let me take you back to school.

Story line. Halo story was amazing from the start. Killzone's story line was just very forgettable

Multiplayer. Halo3, why??? let the online community tell you

Vehicles. from the warthog to the banshee

Gameplay. Halo 3, from night time battles to huge aircraft dogfights. More versitile

Graphics. From the looks of it. KZ2 trailer beats Halo3 Trailer

Halo3 is a defended game already. And to be honest.
Don't get your panties up in a bunch because there are great FPS shooters out there that have a high chance of blowing HALO3 & KZ2 out of the water. And I'm sorry to say, but I dont see gameplay varieties in Killzone....Just shoot and kill. Looks pretty linear, just by looking at the trailer.

look at BioShock, COD4, Turok, Haze, Crysis.

rusgreim3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

What is it with all you Sony FanFags coming on here and creating new accounts just to go snipe on 360 titles?

So WHAT if Killzone looks better than H3 (which is a dubious argument at best). What about simple logic do you retards not get? THERE IS NO INSTALL BASE FOR THE PS3! There are more pre-orders for H3 than there are sold PS3 consoles! Why is this so hard to understand?

So Killzone 2 comes out and sells 250k units. Whoop-de-do. Its not a console moving title. People will not go out and buy a console for 1 game. Even if you throw in MGS4 and FFXIII(assuming they stay exclusives) people are NOT going to buy a PS3 for 3 games.

So, to wrap this up, it doesn't matter if you don't like how H3 looks. No one respects your opinion anyway, hence the fact you are down to 2 bubbles after 2 days of membership.

nobizlikesnowbiz3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Wow you just spewed an epic amount of garbage...

I guess the good KZ trailer has you giddy like a little girl. You can't help but to try and rip on Halo.

KZ2 - 2008....

Halo 3- This Xmas. Every kid will want one, along with a special edition Halo themed 360. You know it, you just don't want to accept it. Peter Moore's whole presentation focused on what M$ was delivering, THIS XMAS. Not what the future will hold. He doesn't care. He knows that M$ has this holiday season all wrapped up. And to be honest, with the lead that M$ will gain from this holiday season, I don't care how good KZ2 is, it won't sell more consoles than 360.

AND WTF? I thought KZ was supposed to be groundbreaking. I see nothing new and innovative. Nothing but great graphics. Everything else was linear run and gun gameplay with staged elements. THATS NOT IMPRESSIVE.

That being said, it does look like a great shooter. We'll just wait and see about the gameplay. We don't have to talk gameplay on Halo 3, we all know it will kickass...

See I can be a d1ck too.

Yaoi Sangheili3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

First off, the Halo franchise follows a certain artistic style, and to change that just to make it look better could possibly ruin the game! Again, I ask why people like you come here and cause chaos! Good, you're happy with KZ2, so why should what Halo 3 looks like matter to you? Go be happy with your game, alright? I'm sure those who like Halo will be happy with happy with Halo 3, even if it's not exactly the "Masterpiece of Artwork", you're making KZ2 out to be. If it is better, then BUY it, PLAY it and have fun, but don't go trying down another game, made by AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT DEVELOPER, that ALSO uses a DIFFERENT art style, alright? Again, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY HALO 3, so please refrain and try to fight back whatever strange urge is telling you to come here and insult a game that you yourself will most likely never play!

PS: Before you say I'm an Xbot, I feel KZ2's trailer was great and the gameplay looks great, but like alot of people, I prefer keeping to one console due to money issues.

Parlivus3902d ago

The "puker" as you cool it... remember the pink PSP?

20 Year old live action advert?
At least they didn't try to claim it was "in game" like Sony did with Killzone 2 initially....

You say its no Killzone 2, and you're right, its not, its Halo 3, well done on that observation. Noone has played Killzone 2 yet, so noone can say whether it plays better than the first incarnation or not. Killzone 2 looks great, but if its anything like the first one I'll avoid it like the plague. Halo 3 is guaranteed to play well, even if it doesn't look as good as Killzone or Cysis, gameplay should always come paramount to graphics.
If it plays well then I'll be one of the first to get Killzone 2, but we already know what to expect with Halo 3, and they've released a Beta, so you know it works and it plays well...

Extra Guy3902d ago

The problem with KZ in general is that i like to play my games in colour. It looks gritty but also very boring. Still each to their own, i just prefer Halo and i won't dispute different people who think otherwise. They're both beautiful games and should play wonderfully too.

Yaoi Sangheili3902d ago

You know, I've always wondered what Halo would be like if Masterchief shot raisins out of his weapons, and his enemies were gingerbread, muffins and pancakes! xD

Extra Guy3902d ago

Maybe the master chief could be the muffin man using his raisin gun greased with maple syrup. This is making me so hungry.