Sony and Guerilla bring it with meaty showing of the anticipated PlayStation 3 shooter.

Here is Gamespot's thorough and detailed account of the Killzone 2 Demo.

Journalists assembled at a local eatery in Santa Monica and were broken up into smaller groups which were shuttled into a small theater. Once inside those in attendance were treated to around 15 minutes of a controlled demo through a level in the game which kicked off with the air sequence shown in the first trailer. The frenzied tear through the streets and buildings of a war-torn city was a slick showcase of what Guerrilla's been up to all this time.

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Bordel_19003907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

From GameSpot:"Based on what we've seen Killzone 2 seems poised to live up to the lofty promise of its debut on the PS3. The gameplay looks solid and immersive, with some very cool bits of polish in the form of animation, physics, and interactivity that enhanced the familiar first person action in some interesting ways. "

I'm so hyped about this shooter I could wet my self. I'm loving the fact that it's living up to all the hype, a lot of hyped titles fail to deliver. Guerrilla had massive pressure to deliver, and with this one they're delivering in bucket loads.

Can't wait to get the trailer in HD on PSN.

Devilbringer3907d ago

Yes This was Actully Much Better then i tought the game would look like so im very Happy about the Trailers Look and all, Damn i cant w8 to Download thise video on My Nwe HDTV :D Go SOny !!

jromao3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

The game shows a good level of detail and seems to be placed at PS3's power level. I'm not a huge fan of FPS but this one seems to catch my attention, sure I will spend some time with it.

SofaKingReetodded3907d ago

xbots!!!! thy day of reckoning is at hand, prepare for

Bet you won't see the usual xbot parade in these threads that prove us PS3 fans right.

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The story is too old to be commented.