E3: Killzone 2 trailer tomorrow on PSN

Guerrilla Games has said that a new Killzone 2 trailer will demo on PlayStation Network at 3pm PST tomorrow - so, 11pm BST.

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Razzy4029d ago

Can't wait to see this on my 50" Toshiba HDTV. Sweetness

Devilbringer4029d ago

But anyhou. When will the trailer come oout? Tomorrow? when tomorrow? This Night? or. confuseing :P help me pls

Hell-Reaver4029d ago

I believe it's supposed to be out 6pm EST July 11th.

Thats what i gather from the statement

Devilbringer4029d ago

When is Pm? and What is EST :p

Bill Gates4029d ago

This is great news because I refuse to see this trailer on a 6x6. My 42" 1080p will look much better.

ok you can continue hating me now, I'm done bragging.