E3 2007: Killzone 2 Impressions 1-Up

In a presentation tonight, Sony lifted the curtain and showed the actual game. 1-Up gives their impressions:

"What we like: The presentation and attention to detail are key. The game doesn't look as good as the 2005 trailer, naturally, but it looks close to as good as any other console shooter. We'd say that currently Gears of War tops it, and a few other titles are on the same visual level, but the game looks extremely nice.

What we dislike: There doesn't seem to be much big picture stuff in here we haven't seen yet in other games. This likely has more to do with Sony being very secretive about the features at the moment than a lack of innovation in the game, given its importance to Sony and the company's hints at online features, but at this point it's hard to pick out one or two big things that will help separate the gameplay from what we've seen in other war shooters."

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warfed23937d ago

I would say the same if I was an xbot...

highps33937d ago

Seriously they are horrible, Why compare Gears when its a TPS and Killzone is FPS? They are flat out biased. 1up yours!

dissectionalrr3937d ago

guys.... seriously.. take off the fanboy glasses for a second. this game doesn't even look better than cod4.. let alone gears. models are great, environments are great, but the textures are all extremely low-res and very "muddy" looking. pause it when the guy is close to a wall and you'll see what i mean. it's good, but not revolutionary by any standards.

hikikimori3937d ago

1up basically tries to talk it down.
Head over to Kotaku and see how they saw it. More impartial and they don't mention Gears Of Slowdown once.

Parlivus3937d ago

Or they could be giving their honest impressions, they may not have been taken in the by the hype...

Lets wait to see the trailer and then pass comment on that.

jay33937d ago

Different reviews. I hope this isn't true, but maybe the other review is praising the game too much? I dunno, i suck when it comes to choosing reliablde reviews :S

jay33937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

Double post

Creepa at GameManx3937d ago

them trying to down play the hype ign confirmed it looks almost like the 05 trailer

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The story is too old to be commented.