Metal Gear Solid 4-New Scans revealing Vamp

New Famitsu magazine has revealed brand new images of MGS4. Scan in link below.

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fopums4025d ago

Im glad to finaly know he is for sure in the game, looks linteresting, kinda like he has life support or somthing going on. poor quality though hard to tell :/

great find though!

Devilbringer4025d ago

haha Raiden is gonna get pissed after killing him 3 times in Mgs2, and Now he is Back in Action xD

iNcRiMiNaTi4025d ago

but the screens of him are new, before there were even screen shots of mgs4 or thr trailer there was already talk of him in the game....u can even see vamp a the end of mgs where rose and raiden are talking and u see people walking around, u can see vamp standing next to a car looking at them, its really blurry but he stands out....u gotta be quick cuz they show him for like a second....