OXM UK: Crysis 2 - Cervat Yerli Interview

OXM UK writes: "Crysis was the best looking game you never played. Or never even saw, for that matter.

The PC FPS was notorious for its technical superiority over the competition, wowing with its physics engine, particle effects, real-time lighting and other moon-language tech-speak to make even the most cynical of geeks break out in an excited rash."

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Hotel_Moscow3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

''I can tell them that 360 and PlayStation3 versions will be just about the same. There's no difference.'

ya know i dont think im getting this game

and then he goes on to say

''PC gamer forgives you for about a minute. A console gamer gives you two seconds. It sucks or it fails and you're either the top or a flop. They don't respect any value you put into your development, either it works or it doesn't work.''

Letros3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

He's absolutely right in that last comment, check out a game called Mount and Blade and its expansion pack, the game sells like mad because of one core element, gameplay, and people forgive the rest. IGN gave it a 3.5 for graphics, 4.0 for presentation, and a 6.5 for sound, yet an 8.1 overall. Do you really think this game would be respected by the console community like it is on PC?

And if you're so concerned about how the graphics look on Crysis 2 you should probably be playing it on PC, hey you can even play Crysis 1 and Crysis Warhead right before so you actually know the story.

Hotel_Moscow3165d ago


i mean that no matter how much you try if youre trying to max out both systems they will not be similar

and i dont care about scores thats one person opinion that does not mean the game reflects that what would you give tetris a 10