Forged by Chaos: 50 Awesome CryEngine 3 Screenshots

PC games published 50 brand new and impressive screenshots of Forged by Chaos, the upcoming Online Fantasy Game that moving to Crysis 2 Engine (CryEngine 3): PS3 and Xbox 360 Version possible.

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labwarrior3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

What are they smoking ?

That looks mediocre to terrible

Arte all good artists on the planet dead or something ? I have seen Crysis mods looking a billion times better than that

TheIneffableBob3167d ago

You can't expect too much out of small studios.

Also, they probably made it a greater priority to have the game run well on a variety of machines rather than have the game look amazing.

Myze3167d ago

The clean look and great texturing actually make it one of the best looking MMOs I've seen (is it an MMO?). I like the look a lot, and although very early, I'm a little excited to see more. With that said, it's not very original looking, as it looks like a Warhammer ripoff (not that I really care about that if the game is good, Warcraft ripped off a bunch from Warhammer too, and I still like it).

GamingFreeks3167d ago

I thought the detail in the engine looked great though

venum3167d ago

For a MMO RPG, the graphics looks good. Now, to have a real idea how good is this game is to wait in-game footage.

Letros3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

It's not an MMO, its Team Fortress 2 + Warhammer from what I've read on from their dev posts.

karlowma3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Yeah it's an arena battle style online game. Think along the lines of Mount & Blade, or Guild Wars' team arenas. I think the graphics look incredible, and gameplay could be a lot of fun with good map variation etc. Dunno what the haters are talking about tbh. Looking forward to something like this, though I'm not sure if this is much more than a glorified tech demo for CryEngine3.

Letros3167d ago

I agree that it looks pretty amazing, the foliage looks incredible, and I see some use of high-res textures and shadows.