New official Killzone 2 screenshots

InsideGamer released the first official batch of Killzone 2 screenshots. Click the link below to take a look at the media.

(The source site has crashed, so the images have now been uploaded to N4G)


The source is online again, and will soon publish the Killzone-trailer.

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Mungo Jerry3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

Still not sharp, I need sharper pics. Now!

Looks a bit like art.

dissectionalrr3938d ago

that's just how the game looks. everything looks fuzzy, even in motion in the hd video. i think it's because they had to use low-res textures to fit into the ps3's ram constraints. it's like looking at a beautiful game through cataracts. kinda ruins it for me.

i'll take cod4 thanks...

Mu5afir3938d ago

@ dissectionalrr

What are you talking about, the Ps3 has the same amount of ram cashes as the 360s Xenos GPU. It has 128bit, but twice the bus, so it has total of 256bit, just like the Xenos. Not to mention, the read speed from the XDR memory has NO (I repeat NO) lagg.

P4KY B3939d ago

But that might change once we see some HD pics and video.

StrboyM3939d ago

Halo fer breakfast... lookswise of course. halo still has the incredible hype factor, and just so everyone knows, im a huge halo whore (part1 only)

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The story is too old to be commented.