Naruto shows himself in Naruto: Rise of a Ninja-trailer

Ubisoft and Microsoft released a new trailer for the action/adventure Naruto: Rise of a Ninja. You can watch the high-resolution version by clicking on the link below.

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Yaoi Sangheili4023d ago

Another Naruto game, I'm sure most who are looking to this are expecting a rather decently made fighter, with perhaps a good enough story that you'll be interested to follow along. In most of these types of games, you normally have to LIKE the franchise it's from, otherwise you're just going to be wasting money, but I'm sure if you're fan, you'll probably enjoy this game as long as it's well made of course, cause even fanboys have limits!

Umbrella Corp4023d ago

you watch too much X-play adam and morgan hate naruto yet gameinformer gives some naruto games good reviews have you even played a naruto game,thier great party games with 4 people.

icechai4023d ago

nicely scaled environment, and amazingly, good looking blades of grass!! (you all know that doesn't happen often :P). The fighting just looks like the Gamecube Naruto games though, but it would be awesome if they manage to integrate that seamlessly with the adventure aspect. You lucky 360 owners grrrr

sumfood4u4023d ago

We got ultimate ninja 2 on the ps2 & it kinda like this but not as vast in enviormental as 360. still I enjoy playing UN2 on my ps2. But this game looks great no matter how you slice it! True naruto fans can also go to Dailymotion for episodes 1-95 in english dubbed. type naruto 1-99 yur choice of what episode an put english after FTW!